• 7 years later and Skully's work on my seat is still admired everyday. Thanks Skully! :D

  • Thought you were going to say 7 years later and it's still not ready

  • Haha

    @nosferatu lovely to hear!

  • Still do the odd chop & lettering if anyone's interested.

  • I'd be in the market for a custom brooks, is it just the swallow that you'd work on or what saddle would you recommend for the best results?

  • you figured out cabmiums yet pal?

  • Hey
    Just saw this^

    Figured out what? Chopping them?! No ta.

  • Maybe stamping them? I dunno!

  • Hey I missed your post ages ago.

    I trim Team Professional preferably. B17 if you really want, not recommended unless you’re light. Swallows are the look I go for, so I wouldn’t trim one of those. Can stamp a few letters in most Brooks, or top quality saddles also made of tensioned hide like Berthouds. Not possible on cheap copies. Sorry so slow! Best to @~ tag or PM people here to get a quick reply. Cheers.

  • hey @Skülly I got an old Selle Italia Flite 1990 that's looking a bit worse for wear. Any chance you're able to reupholster it?

  • Not my cup of tea, sorry.

  • Flites are very nice stripped though ...

    I do think someone on this forum did re-dress old Selles etc. but I can’t remember who. Maybe do some searching to see if you can find them. Good luck.

  • Ello ello, still got tools?
    I might want a little lettering put onto a leather belt if possible.

  • Hey B!
    Just saw this!
    Yeah come round you can stamp that thing and we’ll have a brew

  • 🍵😊✌🏼
    I'll shout ya when I'm around x

  • Big man! Might send a customer saddle your way, by send I mean I'll swing around with it.

    Brooks Swift that needs de-hammocking!

  • Turns out the belt wanted to die instead and broke shortly after I made the last post. I've asked santa for a new one, no idea if it'll be leather though.

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Let Skully customise your leather saddle: Brooks, Wrights etc - trimming, tying, name embossing and de-hammocking.

Posted by Avatar for Skülly @Skülly