• nice one skully. do you thing you can do it one of these days while padelling along holborn high? on the fly chop-job, better than pushing me over track standing.

    I only said I was tempted to do it! Nice to see you this morning claus.

  • this should cover it...


  • I only said I was tempted to do it! Nice to see you this morning claus.

    can understand the temptation. me always wants to grab the wheel

  • jonny cheque's in the post, ta.

  • Put my Fizik Arione on the beater but much prefer the Swift TBH - good comfortable short journey saddle. One thing tho - I don't seem to be able to put my saddle back far enough - I'm right on the end of the rails and still it doesn't seem to sit onto my sit bones. Layback seatposts, the merits thereof: discuss.

    Brooks saddles have short rails so tend to need layback posts. It's cos they haven't changed the design since 1904 or some shit when bikes had about a 65 degree seat tube or whatever.

  • Tru dat

  • Skully- what's the chain?

  • I used two chain link outer plates to bind the tabs underneath the saddle.

  • well done Mr Craftsman

  • I used two chain link outer plates to bind the tabs underneath the saddle.

    I mean- who made the chain from which you took the link? Because it looks a lot like a chain I found lurking in the back of my LBS (like this one) which is now on my bike. Buying it was a bit like travelling back in time to when manufacturing was a bit more... happening in the UK.

    And I guess most chain links look like most other chain links, but it just reminded me of a happy memory.

  • Oh sorry I see. Its off a 40/50s tourer, I think it was. Now a cool fixed townbike for a homegirl of mine.

  • Looks nice. Out of interest... have you chopped a B17 Narrow with any success (& pics)?

  • fuckin A skully. cheers for the ace job dude - totally chuffed with it and with the polo bike out of action at the mo am really thinking of sticking it on Monoc to give it some action.

    done a cracking job there and can highly recommend to others to take you up on the cutting and finishing skills.

    fuck it, I am gonna +1 myself

    dude I would rep you myself for this, but I can't genius...
    I'm pissing myself laughing as I type this, genius...

  • Some more of Skully's fine craftsmanship!


  • That might actually be good for all the Shoreditch Seconds that are floating around London... Hmmmmm.....

  • Thanks for posting those Horatio.

    @ Tommy: It's been something I've been wondering about. I've seen a few shots of different ways to introduce a 'fertility gap'. More ammo for RPM

  • @skully, can you do anything with Ray's arse??

  • ummm errrr. I do things with knives and wax and little bolts. What did you have in mind?

  • sow his arse hole close and keep feedin' him ,and feedin' him, and feedin' him..

  • wu tang!

  • Alright stop filling this thread with your witterings, there's important life-saving saddle choppin to be done here.

  • skully - i will be grabbing a replacement saddle for the chop-chop.
    when is a good time to meet/greet/swap seat?

  • I'd nominate West Beers as a good place to meet. Can we have a poll?

  • will you be frequenting said event?

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Let Skully customise your leather saddle: Brooks, Wrights etc - trimming, tying, name embossing and de-hammocking.

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