Spotted in Manchester...

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  • spotted this outside uni, anyone on here? never seen a frame like it before, anyone got a bit of info

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  • I saw that yesterday too, intriguing thing

  • Google says: Viva Duro. It's Danish.

  • ahh cheers! had no idea what to google, wouldn't mind one of those frames myself, think they're pretty amazing when new and shiny

  • Nice parallax in Devonshire Street. I was too hungover to articulate any word

  • Let's get this thread going again

  • Next to no fixed riders in Manchester come on here but okay.
    Deliveroo rider on a decent red fixed around Chorlton twice yday evening. Wondering what the frame is

  • Cmon, want me to put my fat lazy ass on rychtarski again ? :DASD zipp cant handle that weight.

  • Sure it's fixed and not SS? I'm sure these deliveroo riders should get front racks. Those rucksacks look grim.

  • I'm sure these deliveroo riders should get Bakfiets. Those rucksacks look grim.


  • Bakfiets are what 800 quid? And i'm sure there aren't many knocking around on the second hand market. From what I can tell, deliverooing doesn't pay that well.

  • I should've put a winky emoji in there. Those rucksacks are so big I doubt there're many front racks that'd hold that size.

  • They should get brakes, lights and at least know what an inner tube is first.

  • An inner what?!

  • Retro inflation device.

  • Deliveroo rider on a decent red fixed around Chorlton twice yday evening.

    Spotted riding up Yew Tree Rd on my commute this evening, does look a nice bike.

  • Fella in grey hoodie and grey beanie on awesome black cinelli mash with wide risers next to pub/zoo at 13:25 today

  • Sounds like Jackson... Not sure if he's on here.

  • Guy riding brakeless on a white Leader 735 at the crossroad at the top of Deansgate near that Italian restaurant...

  • Steamroller spotted near to Gap/Rapha on Saint Anns square, backing the ride!

  • Steamroller (same dude?) track standing at the lights towards Ancoats trying to talk me into having sore knees again, nice legs xox

  • Cream? Brown bar tape on narrow drops with cross top lever?

  • They were bullhorns if I remember correctly, Planet X cap, blue

  • @snottyotter You work for revolveMCR? Do you have fire and stars tattoo on your left arm? :D

  • Indeed I do, hiya!

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Spotted in Manchester...

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