Spotted in Manchester...

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  • I saw this outside the Williamson building today, not sure how long it has been there. It has a selection of tools (adjustable wrench, screw drivers, some hex keys, what looked like tyre levers, a chain tool (!) etc.), as well as a pretty decent pump.

    Edit: sorry for the large picture!

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  • decent

  • Been there about a month, think there are some more (planned?) around the campus...

  • Whos the woman in Hi Viz (Oxford Rd)

    Rear viz reads something in felt tip as

    'Give cyclist more room'

    The word 'room' somewhat added later :)

  • Nice

    A seven minute walk from my place :) I'll ditch my tools

  • Saw a bearded guy on bluey/green fixed track standing whilst chatting to someone at a bus stop on the Parkway. Left wondering if he held it until the bus arrived..?

  • roadies shouting at me do a skid in northenden !!

  • i was doing some late-night mechanics* on thursday and i worked out that those black bars at the top are probably for holding your bike whilst you work on it (not just for banging your head on when you are done admiring the tool selection)

    *a bad idea, for the record!

  • lol

    Checked it out this evening

    That track pump is quality, didnt bang my head luckily

  • Chap on MASH CXSS pootle down Parsonage Road, Withington on Friday lunchtime. Anyone?
    Didn't shout DAS, realising the thing might be running SS.
    Rode past me walking to Fuel for a pint/falafel burger after EIS session.

  • Any one lost a bike at Piccadilly

    enter code here
  • looks like a shit aluminium lock as well!

  • Hi @voidcore on Whitworth St yesterday.

  • Cargo bike wiv arrospok?! Didsbury village...

  • Bullitt ? One of the guys lives in Didsbury. I've seen one with a carbon seat/seatpost combo.

    Obviously a weight weenie

  • That's amazing.

  • Someone with a CANT sticker out by the canal in Latchford.

  • These are Wills no?

  • I met the same cargo bike a while back I think, really nice had to snap a pic. At the time it was used as mobile hairdresser from the place by Epicurean Burton Rd I think?

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  • saw a cyclist lying on the pavement on wilbraham road this morning. i stopped to see if he was alright but he already had loads of people around him (including someone on the phone to an ambulance) so i didn't stick around. hope you are okay wherever you are!

  • eek, fingers crossed.

    I've been spotting a lot of people riding fixed, no brakes, no foot retention lately. I've considered giving them advice but I've always been on my road bike at the time and figured they would just shrug me off as a "roadie douchebag"

  • Spotted: @Emyr (I think) this morning on his polo bike turning off Chapel Street towards Salford Central

    I only saw the back of your head so apologies if it wasn't you.

  • Nice chat with @Kompute on our respective commutes yesterday evening, Stretford-Chorlton.

  • Good mudguard flap, put mine to shame.

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Spotted in Manchester...

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