Spotted in Manchester...

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  • White frame, bull horns, red jacket heading along Ancoats about 12.30pm today.

    Anyone here?

  • there's a guy i see quite often round NQ, think he's a messenger. rides a lovely red fondriest with miche supertype seatpost and rear race guard. seems to be in GBH quite alot, anyone know him?

  • white frame - could be adam from bench

    red fondriest - adam, works for xen couriers...

    anymore? anyone? anyone?

  • guy practicing track stands etc on a charge, i think, near lime grove/mansfield cooper man uni buildings. anyone?

    guy wheeling white frame with drops down rusholme tonight. anyone else?

  • drunk woman huffing flatulance from her equally as inebriated male friend outside subway, opposite wetherspoons, doncaster...


  • white cinelli on Tib St a few days ago...

  • white cinelli - did that have orange deep v's???

    that be mike boyd's. ex-bench - works at boxfresh ldn now. i built that bike ;)

  • I was the kid on the Charge outside the Man Met buildings the other day, I've been too ill to come to any rides up here yet, but I'll be at the Sunday Social this week after a really nice guy clued me up and gave me a spoke card.

    There's a guy on a Langster with bullhorns I see literally everywhere, he's got glasses.
    Also, I was in Magma with that Cinelli Vigorello with the orange deep v's, but I couldn't work out who the rider was.
    There are 3 Dolans I see too, one with gorgeous yellow deep v's and purple anodized campy hubs. Anyone's here?

    If anyone sees me about on the chrome Charge, shout out! It'd be really nice to meet more riders.

  • this black dolan with yellow velocitys and red hubs?­_archive.html

    wheels - third img down, and complete little further down than that... i built that!

    messenger ride belonging to paul rance. who doesnt return my calls. he doesnt know that i know where he lives

  • yesterday
    just after two
    deaf institute
    grosvenor street
    two conversions
    one was blue and nice (thats a compliment joe)
    one was red and rather ghetto

  • this black dolan with yellow velocitys and red hubs?­_archive.html

    wheels - third img down, and complete little further down than that... i built that!

    messenger ride belonging to paul rance. who doesnt return my calls. he doesnt know that i know where he lives

    Sounds like he's going to eat a d-lock, threatening! That's the one though, such a sweet ride. There was another Dolan I saw with some really weird almost square/pyramidal hubs a while back, not seen anything similar before.
    Sounds like you've put together most of the bikes up here!
    Now Wave was on last night, so hipsters abound at the Deaf Institute. I say that, but I was going to go before my plans/sobriety got derailed.

  • hahahaha whose running those ?altec? hubs now??? i think james w's has from chris's, my partner in cgs, old pair. clodge might still be running them on his giant. those hubs have been around manchester more than heather t has been around dc. there's like only three pairs in existance. very light but flawed design.

    well the reason that most of those bikes are on the site is because we had were heavily involved in their sale, design or build. we dont do conversions - only track... anyway, this is becoming a cgs plug, which isnt the right place...

  • what is cantgoslo besides a blog?

  • what happened to that lo pro i sold to you craig?
    just seen it on that page. i kinda want to buy it back

  • on grosvenor st saw a guy on a black track bike, bullhorns and messenger bag. not seen him about before

  • i think that red frame belongs to adam. good guy

  • Pretty red Claud Butler fixed conversion, red tyres. On Deansgate this afternoon-ish

  • keep seeing a guy on a fuji track 08 near hardys well

  • diamont is yours to buy back nice chris - get it outta my basement!!!

  • 3 more spots today.
    1 dude with long hair on a lovely, possibly handbuilt brown and gold frame with cantgoslo stickers on the forks. About 4 o'clock in Fallowfield.
    1 young looking guy being a raw bad-ass with one hand through a smart car window steaming along whilst chatting to the driver. Drop bars, couldn't notice the rest. About 5 near the academy.
    1 bike locked up outside the 8th day, couldn't see much as I was public-transportering, but had bizarre looking bars, looked almost like an artistic cycling bike.
    Any takers?

  • guy on a green langster last night outside hardys well. rain dodging i think
    guy on a red frame with drops on denmark road
    locked up white track bike outside the kanye west gig

  • that was kanye's rig... it wasnt white it was glow in the dark bmw gansta

  • there was a black gangsta track with areospokex2 locked with it. pharrell's whip?

  • About 3-4 rides in the past 2 days. Today on the Oxford road between the Met and the Uni, black/grey frame, maybe a fuji?
    A yellow and blue ribble somewhere or other, and a few more I can't remember.

    Two more guys today, both outside Sackville street Uni building where I was working on my stands & skids.
    One black guy on a big, dark frame with a really lovely chainring, I was on the phone though.

    A nice guy called Ben on a month old bike, who'd just flipped the hub to fixed. I told him about this Sunday and implored him to please dear god get some straps or clipless pedals before he goes and hurts himself. Nice to meet you, if you're on here!

  • reminds me of the times newbies would get their pista from a certain national cycle chainstore and come into harry's white faced and shitting themselves... no brakes, no toeclips/straps - great customer service...

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Spotted in Manchester...

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