Cambridge Polo

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  • Sorry, looks like once again I won't be able to make it to polo. Will do my best to link you guys afterwards for a pint.

  • I'm in

  • Just sent an email about the Newmarket Bike polo tourney.
    Ive contacted a bunch of local businesses about pallets, and I've got boards sorted too. I just need someone to chase some sponsorship, could one of the veterans who have had experience with this in the past give it a go for me? I'm trying to keep costs down as best as i can, but we may need a little funding. Aside from the usual guys (chunk, magic, Middleburn) I'm thinking these guys as potential companies to approach.

    Elemental Cycles (Newmarket local bike shop)
    Type 2 Detectives (Local custom classic car place, who have a custom bike department and want to get into bike polo)
    I'll add more companies i think of.

  • Can we just go straight to the pub? because you know...

  • Just spotted:­ike-travel-bag/1064670929
    That's the same bike bag that Hayden and I have, and this is a good deal.

  • What sort of time are you gonna play? I'll come down but I don't really have a bike!

  • in


  • Think I am out tonight! Boo.

  • If no one wants to get wet, who pays? should we tell shirley we are posponing the game to Thursday?
    Pub meeting?

  • Yeah I suppose that's the best idea. Is Bogey in contact with them? I'll text him.

  • agreed with tias if we can.

    which pub? may be delayed as trying to catch up on work

  • see you at the pub, which one?

  • Can we play thursday? Has anything been arranged ?

  • I could do Thursday too. Who has Shirley's number?

  • in for thurs. dont know the number.

  • could do too.

  • Shane is up for it as well. Let's get this sorted!

  • It's half term so no one is answering at Shirley- no here- 01223 712252- maybe do an early start at barnwell? I could do 6.30.

  • I'd like to but I have a report due in this weekend. In for Sunday though

  • I am out then if no one is coming to barnwell! I brought my polo bike in for no reason.

  • Josh, not keen on barnwell either but I'm in if we get 6.

  • Not free this evening I'm afraid. Would've loved to otherwise :-(

  • Cancelled.

  • Come on Cambridge, register your teams for the Newmarket tourney, let's get this shit underway!

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Cambridge Polo

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