Cambridge Polo

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  • Sunday 1pm

    1. Stu
    2. Shane
    3. Josh
    4. Hayden
    5. Edd
  • Sunday 1pm

    1. Stu
    2. Shane
    3. Josh
    4. Hayden
    5. Edd
    6. Devon
  • 7 tias

  • Shall we start at 12 if there are 6? I am game.

  • I'll play at 12

  • In as well !

  • should be there too

  • don't forget, meeting later on at angelo's! discussing tournament plans, new courts, fashion trends, politics, hairdos etc

  • Will be at polo at 12 and the meeting at 6? Shall we pick up some food on the way, or is Angelo doing those amazing pizzas?

  • In for 12 too

  • Trains are fucked, will be there at 12.30.

  • Be there about 1pm

  • No polo for me today :-(so is there a meeting ?

  • Yes, there is a meeting. I dont think there are any plans for food as yet. Trying to watch canada hockey now.

  • Ok thanks I can only stay for hr

  • Can't make the meeting is there going to be any minutes written down ?

  • Yes, ill send the minutes out.

  • Thanks for last night all, it was a bit of a tough one. Lets do it again next month (23 March)

    Meeting minutes are here

    Boges, we all agree that we'd like test out Shirley on a Tuesday. Let us know if and when we get a booking.

  • Sorry to have missed the meeting and cheers for the minutes.

    I've just been sent a pair of gloves from America but they are the wrong size - would anyone be keen to buy them? They're Franklin gloves in small size (­quipment/franklin-*-stx-comp-hg-150-glov­es) and cost me £18.50. They're only a little bit too small for me and I have pretty massive hands, so should fit anyone with small-ish/medium hands. Not gonna make polo tomorrow but can bring them any time after that. Ed

  • There seems to be a spate of small gear being delivered to cambridge players...

    I'll try them out Ed!

  • You're welcome to try them Stu, but given your height I doubt they'll be a much better fit on you either!

  • Tuesday.

    1. Josh
  • 2.Shane

    Ed glad to see your playing the uk champs!

  • 1 j
    2 s
    3 h

    Next Tuesday March 4 at Shirley:


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Cambridge Polo

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