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  • Sundays from 11am onwards and tuesday evenings from 7.30pm onwards (floodlit)

    Here !

    All welcome , tuesday evening costs 3 quid for paying for the floodlights only in the winter months . We have spare bikes and mallets available for those who want have a go .

  • Damn I thought I replied to this earlier.

    I think I have a pole (just need to go up my parents loft to confirm) but our Internet connection at work is unwell so I'm just nursing back to health. Be good to meet people tonight especially as I'm busy on Thursday again.

    Could you PM me a postcode/directions?

  • Hey dude , it was a bit chaotic but Aaron , Angelo, Stace et moi managed to cobble some fine poloage mallish togevver . 4 mallets made so far ...........

  • I have a couple of ski poles secured and ready to go. Let me know when you're having your next session (busy till next week).


  • No probs , i have the blue water pipe and all the stuff to knock the mallet together. Will be out this thurs at the Maypole ? Where are you i'm off Mill road Romsey Town area

  • No around Thursday. Going to a ridiculous Bond "Premiere" at the cinema for my dad's birthday. Also going to The Priory straight afterwards so I'm going to be the 'Tit in the Tux' at the fez. I'd consider popping down between for a pint but I don't think I want to raise expectations for futures thursdays. I think 'Tit in a Tux on a Fix' is a bit to much!

    I live just outside Cambridge in Quy but no problems coming in.

  • Clash of engagements ! I think this thursday will be crap anyway

  • ok cool. I couldn't bring my bike anyway as I am without brakes or clips. The two things I actually placed the order for (clips and large brake ferrule) are unavailable but the other stuff I just added as I was making purchase anyway are fine. Hmmmph.

    Till next week.

  • From Met Office


    Some bright or sunny intervals, but scattered showers are likely and one of these may turn rather heavy. It will continue to feel cold in brisk easterly winds. Maximum temperature 9 °C.

    Unless it is icy I will be at the Maypole ready to go at 18h30

  • fuck the (weather) system!

  • Whether the system fucks ?

  • I have been contacted by a person representing a couple of Oxford polo teams wondering when or if are we going to be able to put up a reasonable opposing team and maybe having a mini tournament in the future .I thought this could give us a goal to work towards ? A bit of inter-university townie rivalry ? Eh ? We need 6 people .

  • OK, so they already have two teams, we don't, and they want us to put up some reasonable opposition?
    Sounds like a hooptyass plan if ever there was one, I'm in!

    Can I start a list?

    1. Asseenon
    2. greasyboy
    1. Asseenon
    2. greasyboy
    3. bogey

    we don't have to be on fixed gear bikes for this, do we?

  • i can tell you free of charge that oxford probably won't be.

  • The rules are minimal...... bring stuff you don't mind breaking (apart from your arms and legs)

  • I'm well up for giving it a go. I do expect to be highly shit at it though.

  • Bring your ski poles to be converted into mallets . Any ideas where we can find a basketball court or carpark with sides to stop the ball escaping .

  • What about the one on Colleridge road...

  • Bring your ski poles to be converted into mallets . Any ideas where we can find a basketball court or carpark with sides to stop the ball escaping .

    You about tomorrow night?

    There aren't many full size basketball council run courts in cambridge:­sports/sports-facilities/sportsinfo.en?p­age=6

    Don't think the Coldhams Lane one is fenced is it?

    There are hard tennis courts on Jesus Green and Christ Pieces, maybe they have the nets down this time of year? Both are close to the Maypole but the light isn't great at either. We could try and book an indoor court at one of the sport centres but that would require some form of organisation.

  • No the Coldhams lane one is un-fenced.

  • Yeah I didn't think so.

  • We need light and a good surface .
    I don't know the one on coleridge road, has it any lights ? The car parks opposite habitat and pc world on Newmarket road are not ideal but are lit in the evenings so maybe a good start?
    We need more mallets . I have loads of water pipe left and have got very adept at facing them off on the lathe .
    Ski poles (metal) handles i am out of though . I'm gonna experiment with some bamboo . keep a look out in charity shops , jumble sales and down the tip , but beware the thin fibre glass ski poles they are too flimsy .
    Oh and some bollards for goals .
    I'm up for tuesday but i fear a mallet shortage , and such terrible consequences .

  • I have two ski poles. I thought we might convert them tomorrow?

  • If you mean the tennis court on colleridge road, that is tiny.

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Cambridge Polo

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