Birmingham post your bikes/faces/places

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  • 3 years on ...knee caps are still fine..........don't see many fixed about round brum

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  • @Supermac where are you based?

    lovely ride ^

  • resurrection

  • Hello, anyone here? :)

  • Hey how's it going? I'm pretty new to the site and just having a look round.

    It doesn't look like there is much going on in the Birmingham section? Pretty much the same story as on the streets it seems lol

  • I'm good, thanks. How about you? Where are you in Birmingham?

    I'm newish too, and nothing has happened in this section since I moved to Birmingham a couple of years back. There are a quite a few old-school road clubs here, a bike polo group (, and a few more socially-oriented groups (,­). If there's a cool fixie scene, I'm to old/unhip/fixie-less to know about it!

  • Thanks for the links

    I live in Stirchley, we've a couple of bike shops round here and a cool road cycling club / coffee house / repair shop in Gorilla - Kings Heath

    But yeah, you're right. I don't see anyone in Birmingham riding a fixed gear, i've been a bit of a lone wolf for a while now when it comes to that.

  • Birmingham Bike Foundry in Stirchley is great - I used their Thursday night Tool Club quite often before coronavirus hit.

    I've been meaning to get to Gorilla Coffee for a while. Thanks for the reminder!

    I sold my old single-speed Peugeot at the start of the year and I've been kicking myself ever since. I see a few people commuting on single speeds, and I'm always a bit envious. Then I change gear and the envy melts away.

  • @OrkneyDullard @deshstar search birminghamfixedgear on instagram!

  • there are loads of us!

  • any you guys ride sscx or cross?

  • Once or twice, back in the day. Now, my knees and/or lungs would explode.

  • sometimes, i was riding 32mm on a big block for quite a while, went up lickies and malvern hills etc with it haha was fun

    but im mainly on the roads at the moment

  • On LFG but live in midlands just put a 56cm Cinelli Mash parallax frame set on EBay if anyone is interested

  • This is the bike as a complete

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Birmingham post your bikes/faces/places

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