Riding the Canals, ever do it?

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  • It's been suggested to me a few time to ride along the Canals from Uxbridge down into the city. Sounds nice in theory, but is it fixed gear/ road bike friendly or is more for families taking a slow cruise on their Halfords bought mountain bikes?

  • I would think it is the latter one. I think most of those paths are gravel anyway.

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  • Fixed

    Subtly fail.

  • Subtlety

  • Riding the canals is good fun- I have always enjoyed going from Limehouse basin up along the regents canal, stopping off in Camden to visit the second hand book shop (just off the canal), then stopping at little venice to read and have a coffee. This does require sunshine however!

    The Halfords gang is in the majority, but any bike is fine as long as you bear in mind that it will be a slow paced ride- in places it is narrow, and if you rocket up behind people out walking dinging your bell furiously I will side with them if they push you in the canal.

  • Not according to my dictionary, Platini

  • I tried it in reverse the other week - bloody annoying. Dog walkers with extension leads are a total deathtrap.

    Having said that a colleague of mine takes the canal from Camden to White City every day. I don't know the Halforsdsness of his bike.

    They will never be a quick option!

  • i always cycle thro wapping along shadwell basin all the way up to canary wharf and its well nice

  • Different bits are better / worse...I've ridden from Park Royal to Angel and it's all pretty OK. There are the usual fishermen, dog walkers, tourists (in the summer), homeless, drunks, drug dealers (camden) along the way, but you can cruise along at a fair pace.

    Now is obviously less busy than the summer, but is fucking dark at night so you need more than just a flashing cateye IMO.

    It's really nice and quiet, though, and there is some great stuff to see. And no HGV's, post vans etc!

    You will have to get back on road for a couple of bits - round little Venice & I think at Angel - not sure you can go through the tunnel.

  • it's not a bad route from uxbridge down to town, used to do it all the time, able to do it fixed, some places can be a bit muddy/wet other places nice paths, can take a while, but quiet and quite a few pubs along the way.

  • Ridden from Little Venice to Perivale on the Grand Union in spring. Surprisingly rural. Requires reasonable tyres.

  • Subtly fail.


    Not according to my dictionary, Platini

    It was a blatant fail, therefore Platini is right. Noun beats adverb.

  • Grammar top trumps.

  • A subtle (adjective) fail (Noun), would be the opposite of an epic fail.
    I was using fail as a verb, so adverb seemed correct

  • I wonder if the "Failing Subtly" thread could give the classic "Epic Fail" one a run for it's money?

    For the more discerning fail enthusiast, perhaps?

  • ^^Fair enough - I don't want to be a marriage guidance counsellor for you and Platini.

  • Grammar top trumps.

    It's what all the cool kids are playing.

  • Has this turned into the LFGSS cool kids grammar thread?

  • LFGSS cool kids


  • Damn. I missed the grammar war.
    Thanks BMMF for seeing that correctness prevailed.
    I picked the wrong time to go and throw up in the toilets.

  • Riding in canals is fun.
    Riding alongside them is not so much fun.

    Seriously, the Grand Union (I think that's it) is great for an easy, low-traffic ride with your missus or something but for regular commuting - fuck that! It's full of walkers, fishermen and other cyclists that have no concept of allowing other people room.

    In summery, great for a short cruise between pubs in the summer, not a great commute option. I prefer to play with cars.

  • I picked the wrong time to go and pick someone up in the toilets.

    Land of hope and glory hole...

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Riding the Canals, ever do it?

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