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  • oh my word. am i that bad??? that makes me like pikey wayne then...

    worse. and with americanisms thrown in. at least tyres doesn't say "sidewalk". good job i love ya.

  • @ newton see the rides and races thread. we ride every week around 40-70 miles. NOT fixed. i mean you could try winnats on a fixed and I could laugh at you.

    Oops, shame I only have a fixed, ah well!

    Might try and have a quick blast up to Buxton this saturday, weather permitting!

  • @ nes: jeez, you wake up with the wrong leg on this morning or what?

    an americanism AND a frenchism.

  • very good nasty..just so you know, only you could get away with it. when are you gonna get a proper bike and come ride up hills anyway? you have no excuse for riding with one gear anymore. you aren't a messenger, you live up a hill and right next to some of the most glorious countryside in the UK.

  • when i have more time - after px/riding in france and a frame that isnt broken... unless everyone can deal with the creaking the giant emits...

  • 'ello

    Zero, I know who you are now thanks to this thread. I started working in the city centre a few weeks ago so I've seen you a few times during my lunch hour. I'm blending in with the clones (shirt and tie).

    My fast fixie - looks like this but now much filthier. It's nothing special but I like it. It wants for some better cranks, but I'm quite pleased with the wheels (mavic open pros on Miche hubs).

    My current daily ride. A big phat gold star to anyone who can guess what it is. I'm experimenting with the handle bar height so reluctant to cut the steerer. It rides nice and stiff... enough to embarass the guys that like to try and race me on my commute, even though I'm carrying a boat load of stuff. (And despite the GBH sticker, it's not one of theirs! The guys a GBH were kind enough to give me some stickers when I interviewed them for a local cycle campaign publication).

    And on a really good day (nice weather + time to spare) I ride this:

  • Neil, Chorlton - PR Manager for 'The Hip Replacements' - a virtual cycle polo team for those old enough to know better... Addicted to bicycle aesthetics, especially old MTB's - have an ever growing collection (that probably won't be of much interest here). I organise the Old World MTB Championships for such bikes - last year was in Holland, this year in North Wales and next year in San Francisco -

    PS. That looks like an early-to-mid 90's Cannondale to me. BTW.

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  • hello

    I met some of you last night. Notably Voidcore, hai

  • fuck you jimmy!

  • :D I was smashed, good times!

  • no you were an arrogant prick, regardless

  • I'd agree with that

  • ok lets be friends

  • what happens next?

  • be nice next time i see you and dont say all my bikes are shit!

  • I didn't mean to. And then when I realised you were bothered about it I couldn't help it. haha. Bikes are a bit crap. Pint Friday?

  • am away all weekend on this spring camping thing, another time!

  • Hello all,

    Thought I'd finally sign up on here.

    My name's Matt, and I've lived all over Manchester but currently living in the heady hills of North Manchester. Still usually ride into town most days for a doss about though.

    My current bike looks like this, but have only had this for a month or so,

    Although I used to ride around on a yellow carlton that looked like this

    (but sans freewheel. The first fortnight of winter destroyed that)

    So. Hello.

  • Welcome - come and play polo!

  • Yeah, definitely up for that. Me and a friend (Sarah, she's on here - told me I should join) built up some mallets the other week. Just recovering from a cheese related illness but soon, sure.

  • We have a mini-tourney on Thursday evening at Chorlton Park this week - come and have a looksee...

  • Saying hello: Rob, 20 years old from Wigan, bike&face coming up soon, youve been warned.

  • Welcome Rob - best just start with the bike then... ;-)

  • ok i can take a hint, just the bike for now

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  • nice bike man, don't think i've seen it around, are you often in Manchester


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