"Pictures of Lily" post pix of your fick swill bike

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  • new winter plumage , wanting a white rolls or turbo to top it all off but not wanting to spend £££££££'s. New Dura ace hubs are like butter knobs and butterflys

  • Heres mine: (need bartape and pedals)

  • That's a beautiful bike btw Asseenon, what brake lever is that?

  • Paul Components lever,
    i saw you on newmarket road the other day , red and blue not red and black ! is that not a Paris head badge or Claud Butler?

  • I think you've got the wrong guy, Ive only really been around Hills/Cherry hinton/Mill road area. Its a Claud Butler, late 60s/ early 70s electron frame, with a set of 700c forks so I could use a normal front brake. I stripped the frame and sprayed myself, finish is a bit rough in places and could of done with another coat of colour but I got to the stage where I just wanted it finished and couldnt be arsed with faffing around anymore. Next time I'll take it to a pro.

  • There's a place up in Milton that everyone gets their frames done , powdercoating or spraying ,doing all the prep and beadblasting its cheaper than the paint and nitromores to do it yourself .I can't remember their name as i only have chrome frames, Rick of Bicycle ambulance uses them a lot .

  • Ahh there is? Excellent. I was planning on going to take mine down to Armourtex in London but Milton is a whole lot closer! Any idea of the cost?

  • I'll get all the details off Rick tonite , or come and ask the little fella yourself . I have no memory for facts only ex-girlfiends that i can't forget unfortunately .

  • I think Morley Brothers is the company you seek!
    87, Cambridge Rd,
    CB24 6AT

    Tel: 01223 423048

    I got mine done at Teversham engineering - I think it cost £60 for frame and forks. Probably more now. Speak to a guy called Mick Short http://www.tevershamengineering.co.uk

  • Well eased in there Lightnin' Greasyboy. Like an otter diving into a shady pool. Genius. Do you have any of my ex-girlfiends addresses or phone numbers?

    £60 Bargain .Compared to:

    Your Time £priceless
    Nitromores £8.50,
    Rattlecans £7 X 100,
    Clear Laquer £7 x100
    Tissues £3
    (to wipe your tears as paint goes all bloomy/Falls off when brushed against/spitty/ orange peely/runs and sags/patchy matt and glossy/etc).

    you save about two grand!

  • you can have any colour as long as it's pink

  • Is that you dressed as a Turner?

  • Tina Turner?

  • well, it's no oil painting...

  • gets some wierd looks

  • Bogey that's looking sweet. Ermine with a hint of phlegm . Are you riding fixed now? I see you have dispensed with the tensioner .

    Greasy where has the Turner gone? Someone's nicked the fakkin Turner.

  • Turner had to go - realised i'd fallen into bike/art juxtaposition wankery.

    @Bogey - is that a Raleigh Elan!!? I had one of those until I wrapped it around a car on my way to school. After my collar bone healed I persuded my dad to 'upgrade' me to the Vitesse pictured above. I spun the line that if I'd had better brakes then I would have stopped in time, the irony is that the Vitesse came with exactly the same groupset as the Elan!

  • cheers asof, it is indeed fixed now, totally different to ride with the stiff wheels and tiny tyres, it pulls along like a train. will be needing some backwards riding lessons soon - should be free next tues if your about nmarket road? your bike is looking sweet

    gb i'm not sure of the exact model, but it wasn't an elan. judging by the kit on it when i got it it's definately a mid to low range bike. the frame is nice and comfy though, reynolds soaks up the bumps! nice bike - good colour!!

  • Frankenfixie (old specialized stumpjumper with road forks and lots of spacers on the rear hub...)

  • Pretty!

  • if your saying that about mine, gush thanks Fazered!!!!

  • Sure was and she sure is.

  • very pretty, does it get lots of use? like that off white alot

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"Pictures of Lily" post pix of your fick swill bike

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