Winter gloves

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  • Well that's me fucked then unless I take 5 sets of batteries with me every day 😂

  • Any advice 0n size?

  • The Sealskinz lobsters turned up this morning. I'm not going to have a chance to try them out until Monday but first impressions are good, the quality seems decent. They're quite a snug fit though. I'm very much a small medium, the mediums I ordered are about right but I wouldn't want them any smaller. Probably worth sizing up generally I'd say.

  • Is there anywhere in London that stocks Shimano gloves? Want to try on a pair of these…­cycling-gloves-infinium-primaloft-ecwglb­wus25mg0305-black-gray

  • Yes, I’m looking for an alternative to those Endura gloves as they have the issue of the inner lining pulling out when you remove your hand.

    These Shimano gloves seem like a close match.

  • Good test day today, how were they?

  • I stacked it on some ice right outside my front door so sulked and got the train to work, ha ha. My hands were very toasty on the walk to the station though.

  • lol.

    That's good though, it was fucking bitter this morning and my hands were freezing in my (nice but pricey) gloves as I walked the dog.

  • i have those enduras, they were fine for a while but the inner primaloft flattened out pretty quick. I Also suffered the liner bunching up.
    The cut was good though, long roomy fingers

  • I witnessed the Gore infinium thermo split gloves in action over the weekend at HDIJ. Feedback from anyone ? I had a pair of gore years ago which were short in the fingers.

  • I'll be out on a bike all day tomorrow for work so will report back for a more in depth review after that.

  • Planet X crab hand winter gloves (from page 102) are ok from 1 to 5 degrees.
    I had liners and run cold.

  • These were mine. They run quite small - they suggest a small, I got a medium but if I wanted to add another merio layer underneath I'd need a large.

    They are very good imo. You need to be working a little bit to keep warm blood in your hands, you can't just sit up and pootle and expect to be warm in them under 3/4 degrees, but when we were out on the HDIJ I got a little coldness on the one side of my hand intermittedly, briefly, and then went. And that was it. Pretty good going considering it was -2 / -3 for at least half the ride

  • The Galiber deep winter gloves that we were all talking about last winter have been great. Incredibly warm and solved my long standing issue with cold extremities.
    They are fairly bulky but I don’t mind this trade off.
    Last few rides though I’ve really struggled to use my phone without taking them off.
    Is there some sort of hack I can use to make them able to use the touch screen on my phone? Some sort of patch on the finger tip? Does such a thing exist?
    I had to use my nose last ride since taking them off also means taking my jacket off and then on again which is all just too much of a pain in the arse.

    edit - nm, It exists - found on amazon

  • Can you use these in rain, or do they just short circuit and blow up?

  • @TotalShanner
    I have ordered the same; just waiting for them to arrive before it warms up again...

  • I have used them when its pissing down, been fine

  • The Sealskinz lobsters are fucking toasty! Got slightly sweaty hands at about 1-2° today. I'd say the warmth is comparable to my pogies but much more comfortable to wear. I reckon they'll be good down to pretty much any temperature we're likely to get in the UK.
    So far I've only used them with my flat bar fixed gear and flat bar cargo bike with twisty gears and the reduced dexterity over a regular glove hasn't been an issue with either. I'll give them a go on my road bike tomorrow. So far they're looking like a great buy!

    Edit: not so great on the road bike. I struggled to find a comfy hand position that still allowed me to use the brakes. Not too bad but not ideal.

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Winter gloves

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