Winter gloves

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  • I'll double not buy them.

  • Isn’t the theory that if you keep the blood going into your wrists warm it keeps your hands warm though? Jotnar used to have an extra fleece bit on the wrist of their base layers for this reason

  • It would be a shame if they did. But they don't.

  • I simplified a little. The parent company have a couple of bullet manufacturers in their portfolio and their CEO owns(?) a company that was selling tear gas and other crowd control products allegedly being used against protestors until they were called out on it last year.

    Not a great association, so they don't get my dollarydoos.

  • I mean, I've heard the theory but I don't really buy it.

    I'll wear shorts but still want winter boots on because my toes/feet get cold not my shins/ankles. If the theory held true you'd more likely see longs worn with summer shoes and I did that and it sucked which is why I bought the winter boots. :)

  • I have also been looking at those Endura gloves. I tried latex gloves under fingerless gloves last winter but that combo made my hands so sweaty and became cold quick.

    I emailed Endura and they confirmed the gloves are touchscreen compatible as well.

  • amazing anti-heking-rain and cold by sealskinz all weatherproof gloves (2021 model). I bought also their winter cap (which is the hiking one) but fits under my helmet and finally, I haven't freezy ears too!!

  • Onto my second set of these­i/Perfetto-RoS-Gloves/NEZH

    Gore tex infinium, warm enough to get me through Jan/Feb, pressure relief pad so that my hands don’t go numb and work with a touchscreen for those essential insta shots

  • Put the latex over the normal gloves. That's what my missus was doing in Scotland.

    Oh yeah, I hate gloves that don't work on touchscreens - my older pair of RAB do but the newer pair don't and it's fecking annoying.

    All the fingers on my right hand MTB gloves have punched through the ends anyway so that solves that problem.

  • Anybody know if sizing up on Galibier Barrier gloves gives a little more length in the digits? I've got an L and not especially large hands, but might try and XL or XXL if it saves my fingers being jammed into the tips. Getting to -10º over here in NY.

  • In my experience you need to size up. I've got the Ardennes Light winter in XL and the Barrier in XL and the Barriers are much tighter, wish I'd gone XXL

  • I think I'm going XXL then. Galibier got back to me and quoted about 5mm difference between sizes. TVM!

  • cant't recommend the 100% brisker as winter gloves.
    I use them as fall / spring gloves and if it's not too cold in the winter, e.g. between 5 and 10 degrees. i find them ideal for that.
    they're not very water-repellent, more than a drizzle and in 5km theyre soaked.

    what i can recommend though are endura deluge with primaloft insulation.
    theyre relatively water-repellent (enough for 1hr of rainy riding before theyre soaked) and very warm in the winter. used them until -5 and they were warm enough for me.

    For anything below that i combine inner gloves or summer gloves with big Ski gloves, but i hate the feeling of this combo on shifters and brake levers.

  • Thanks for the detailed review. I've stopped looking for a bit as we didn't end up doing Scotland and I'm doing road stuff mostly trying to get AAA points. I will still need a pair of non-lobsters that are warmer than the shredded stuff I have now. "Deluge" sounds like what I end up riding in... thanks weather gods..

  • Are lobster gloves alright for drops and hoods or do they work better with flat bars? What's the go to at the moment? Don't mind spending extra on something decent that'll last as long as they're not exorbitant.

  • Lobster gloves are ok with drops but not ideal particularly with SRAM (pushing the small lever right over). I don’t wear them if I’m just riding in town.
    I’ve got a PlanetX pair you can borrow to try

  • Thanks for the offer but unless you also have unusually small hands I'm not sure they'll fit me too well! My only drop bar bike is Shimano so might be worth a go.

  • The PX lobster gloves are great value - probably the warmest gloves I have, though that does mean they get sweaty (liners help). I find they work great with SRAM shifters (some mental adjustment required, admittedly), since the whole lever moves. It’s the smaller inner lever on Shimano shifters that make them tricky for me, but still doable.

  • In case they’re of interest – I have a pair of Rapha Deep Winter gloves for sale. Asking £55 posted or £50 collected (I paid the latter). Hope this cross-posting isn't against the rules, would prefer to sell them to someone on here.

  • Not sure if they are proper winter gloves but after agonising all winter I finally picked up some warmer gloves, just in time for warmer weather... Castelli Perfetto ROS. I'm not quite sure what black magic material infinium is but they are great. Toasty non sweaty hands!

  • infinium is fantastic. For those who get cold hands due to humidity, it works perfectly in non-freezing temperatures. If you ever get rained on passing rain or cycle hard, they dry up much quicker and you're not 100% condemned to a painful end of the ride.

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Winter gloves

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