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  • I've been riding for the past 3-4 winters in a pair of Marks and Spencer waterproof gloves. They're falling apart now and they're bulky, but they've kept my hands bone dry in many a torrential downpour and warm down to -2 (even lower with glove liners). They're probably the best gloves I've owned.

  • I'm currently riding some discontinued Sealskins lobsters into the ground but have these lined up as replacements for longer rides.­/unisex/gloves/road/pro_amfib_lobster_gl­ove/p/14341508

    I really suffer with cold hands and even have some pogies, which I used until I discovered a few important points that have allowed me to get away without them in most cases..

    1) Lobster claws that don't have a liner separating your fingers seem preferable to me as they allow the fingers to heat each other and retain that heat better (full mittens are even better in this respect but obviously that's a bit more of a pain with braking).

    2) Buying a size larger than you would normally gives you a bigger pocket of warm air to exploit (I was forced into this to accommodate a plaster cast a few years ago and was amazed by the improvement - for both hands, not just the plaster casted one!

    3) Resist the temptation to stuff this extra space with liner gloves - the warm air space is more beneficial than extra material IMO.

    4) If the wind is getting in, some gorilla tape will help (I discovered this by creating a 'solid thumb' with tape for scraping snow/ice off snowboards and noticing how toasty that was in comparison to the other one)

    I once had to ride home with a sock over my hand when I lost a glove on a freezing night. The fact that it was too big, and allowed my fingers to touch each other, resulted in that hand being warmer than the other (which had an expensive winter glove on it) which was something of a revelation..

  • they're seriously bl**dy warm.

    Good to hear! Have bought a pair for my dad.

  • Warm yeah , but not breathable, and not waterproof.
    If you use them above their temperature range, you sweat, and you then get cold.
    I take them off, and back on, and....
    The lining is poorly designed on mine:
    the thumb entrance is difficult to find.
    I live above 3000ft now,
    they got some regular use,
    but the fabric is paper thin now.
    Will look in the cross country skiing range, they should be able to resist abrasion.

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  • @Belagerent As someone whose fingers can go numb from getting milk out of the fridge...(no exertion or wind chill needed) I'll second all that Rod_Munch says.

  • Hands still dry in the dissent gloves despite torrential rain this morno. about 30-40 minutes total ride time.

  • I’ve got a pair of the Pearl Izumi lobster gloves that I bought in the winter of 1998, when i was living in Zurich. I only use them once or twice a year these days, but they are very good at keeping your hands warm in sub-zero temperatures.

  • Right, a specific short term need means I need a pair of gloves where the ring and little finger have a joint compartment. I’ve got the Pearl Izumi gloves above, but I’d like something a little less bulky.

    A quick search throws up the Specialized Element 2.0 gloves, but other recommendations welcomed.

    To give more context, I’ve fractured the small finger on my right hand and need to keep it taped to the ring finger.

  • I think those Carnac / Planet X lobster gloves get good reviews. Also £15. Hopefully this injury (HealTFU) is a short one so maybe no need to splash out for expensive kit for a hopefully short recovery time injury?

  • Asked for a pair of Sealskins sporting gloves for Christmas and so far reasonably impressed. I wanted to be able to free my thumb and forefinger for phone unlocking and use (swiping and putting in the pin each time is too much of a pain in my work). Haven't seen use in the real wet yet but insulation is decent on the colder days we have had. Sizing seems a little small, I have the XL and they are very snug.

  • Thanks Dan. They look as bulky as the Pearl Izumi ones I have, but had their own brand ones for £13.50 so I’ve ordered a pair of them.

  • Selling some DHB Extreme Winter Gloves if anyone is interested.­28

  • I picked up some Dexshell ToughShield and really liked (definitely warmer than the Defeet gloves which have been my default) them up until rubbing against the brake hood so a hole appearing in the outer knit. The liner was still functional but figure that would eventually go as well.

  • I can warmly recommend this gloves:­FI/wind-hood-softshell-gloves-BD801096_c­fg.html

    Softshell is breathable and when cold wind/snow/rain is hitting hood comes handy.

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  • Did you buy them from dexshell? Pretty sure they will give you a returns label and freepost you a replacement if it’s bothering you.

    FWiw I have those glove too and think they’re great!

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Winter gloves

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