The best options for spraying your frame and parts

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  • looks fine, put stuff on and ride

  • Hammerite Rust Remover Gel works well and doesn't effect the surrounding paint work, use that then clear coat over

  • £100 !!! nice one!

  • So do Armortex do chrome masking? Chad - if it's any use to you I've been asking around up north about powdercoating. I'm moving to Leeds temporarily & was looking at options for powdercoating / respraying.

    I've been talking to these guys & they sound good - they were very informed about doing bikes & had no issue with masking off chrome for a powdercoat. They quoted me a baseline price of around 65 quid for frame & fork based on a single job.­8/

    I'm moving my stuff up to Leeds on Sunday & I'll be taking my 2 frames in 15th Nov. Give them a call & If you are interested & could get the frame to me before Sun I can take yours up as well. I'll be back in London weekend of 6th dec so could bring it back for you. Or if you want to save the Bob Jackson courier price I could do the same if you want a respray.

  • +1 for Colourtech. Did my Pinarello, pj's Holdsworth, pigfarmer's Omega. You have to keep 'phoning to get it back though. Run by Dave Crow and his sprayer Steve. Dave is a cat racer and also does carbon frames called Morpheus. £5.60 return train fare to Crayford. Not noticed vulnerability to chipping, but I am careful. Clear coats scratched carbon components also.

  • Cheers for the replies lads and especially godhead for the offer of hoiking it back oop norf for me. Think I'm going to get in professionally done, probabaly at Colourtech as its local although would love to stretch to Argos.
    Gotta respect the frame and an extra 50 or so quid will be quickly forgotten, but a bad job will annoy me a hell of a lot more!

  • has there been any more experiences with armortex? thinking of commandeering their services... was it £60 for frame & forks?

  • I'd guess the commandeering price would be somewhat lower than £60.

  • has there been any more experiences with armortex? thinking of commandeering their services... was it £60 for frame & forks?

    Its now £60 without lacquer (looks shit IMHO) or £75 with.

    My recommendation for painters is: - if that doesn't work try putting a DOT between the sam and fishy.

    Same sort of quality as Argos and the like, but: cheaper, quicker and better range of colours. Hes the man! The coating is harder then most painters too because of the use of a 2 pac lacquer.

  • cheers harry, ill give him an email.

  • nice one mate, just finished spraying my racer

  • Where is Sam Fishy based?

  • what about doing it your self? do people have a favorite brand, for primer and colours?

    i have just finished with the nitromors and want to get painting.

  • if you sand the frame down then prime it, would car spray do good?

  • c&g finishes in liverpool are awesome, for anyone up them ways haha, there on smithdown road, bout 120 for a good colour ectc

  • Adept Powder coating in Thorton Heath South London are very good too.­k/powder.html

  • I know it's the wrong thread and all but I've heard armortex have either turned into a bike company or are also making bikes.

  • I've got some stainless mounting plates that came with my black surly front rack. Everything else on the bike is black and the plates are quite conspicuous.

    What is the best product to give these a coat of black spray that won't look shit and peel everywhere?

  • Gonna give these a few coats of clearcoat but the instructions state to sand back with 1200 grit before I do. Some of the paint splats and blobs are quite raised though and i'm worried if I sand them back they'll look shit. Would I be better off sanding it to give it a key or just spray straight on top to preserve the splat integrity?

  • You can sand a tiny spot on the rear, maybe somewhere where a part/bolt will cover, to test the effect.

    I think it'd be fine to just spray clearcoat on top without sanding. Maybe just clean with 50/50 alcohol and water.

  • Yeah I did a half assed job of sanding and then clear coat on top. I think it would have been better without the final sanding. Looks ok though.

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The best options for spraying your frame and parts

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