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  • Got to shout out to spa cycles. Great customer service.

    Not sure what's gone on in the past. But couldn't have had better service.

  • Didn't happen to deal with a lad called Dan did you?

  • Nope!

    John and Sam.

  • Does anyone have any experience of the Steel Audax model from Spa?

    The website is less than helpful but digging around various sites tells me it's 725 and the fork might have some low rider mounts. Seems to be well spoken of on cycling forums.

    I'll have to give them a call perhaps, but there's very little chance I could get there to test one.

  • Ive got the original(less clearence) sabbath september from them which is what they based their frame on ti and steel.

    Really helpful on the phone and built a bike up for me to test and had a frame packed ready. Surprising bit was the phone call the day before i went in asking what groupset i run so i could compare the frame only :)

  • Cheers. You get some massively conflicting reports of their customer service online! I'm looking for frame only with a fitted headset so I think I'll just give them a go.

  • Spa did a herp derp with my brake levers, I phoned them and the gentleman on the phone (sounded like at least late 40s) was very polite, checked stock for right model and they repay postage/give you inner tubes.

    So no bother there.

  • I usually buy my spokes from Spa and on a couple of occassions they have been delivered without nipples which is a bit of a pita but they responded immediately to emails and provided the nipples separately. Otherwise no problems; recommended.

  • My frame arrived by the way. Found them very helpful on phone and email. Service was top notch.

  • Reviving this one a bit - I've just had some rather strange sizing advice from Spa over the phone.

    I'm interested in their steel tourer­plid=m2b0s143p2984

    I would normally have a 56cm top tube on my bikes, thus meaning I'd be looking at the 51cm sizing (their sizing), however spa suggested I'd need at least the 54 or 57 sized bikes, giving me a 58 or 60cm VTT.

    Am I just being stupid or do spa have strange sizing ideas?

    For reference, I'm 179cm and have a 56cm supersix and genesis equilibrium which are both a great fit.

  • The tourer seems to be a bit long and low, which strikes me as odd. I'd agree with you about the sizing though.

    I wish all brands would publish proper stack and reach measurements.

  • The person I spoke to on the phone was very insistent that I couldn't possibly want a 51cm sizing and that I'd definitely want something bigger - I assume they just have a sloping top tube, similar to a classic dawes? They might just have old-school sizing ideas (e.g. square frames) or be going off the seat tube?

    Does anyone have one/ridden one? How do they actually size up?­s/touringgeometry.jpg

  • Actually - looking at the Geo chart - where they appear to measure VTT from is quite far back from the seatpost? (Which would account for the extra over the actual top tube)

  • It's not the clearest, but in a roundabout way, they do appear to be measuring from the centre of the tube.

    What's the seat tube angle on your current bike/s? Bear in mind that for every degree the seat tube is steepened, the same effective top tube would give you over 1cm extra reach.

  • 56 equilbrium -­/a-road/equilibrium-30

    So 53cm Seatpost, with a 56 VTT, 73.5 Seat-tube angle...

  • Any good reach calculators?

  • Having a quick look on bikecad, the steeper STA on the Genesis adds an extra 15mm reach. That puts you almost spot on, on the 54cm sized Spa, with 577mm ETT ( If you slackened out the STA on your genesis and kept the same reach, it would end up with a 575mm ETT, rather than 560mm ).

    Similar head tube lengths there too, so that's not messing up the measurements ( Genesis 155mm - Spa 157mm :-)

  • Awesome - Thanks for demystifying their sizing system

    One green mean touring machine is on order...

  • I'm well jelly it comes in two other colours apart from black. My Spa Audax is in need of a jazzup.

  • I did consider the audax, but it's quite similar to the genesis and tbh I wanted a bit more functionality - e.g. 35mm tyres, third bottle cage mount.

    Looking at the pics - the green almost appears pearlescent:­plid=m1b0s21p2983 - I preferred it to the red or black!

  • I may do the world's shortest current projects thread!

  • Urgh! The state of the stack on those reference builds. mind you, I rock 5cm on one bike.

  • #touringstack - I'm going to try and get away with about 3cm of stack - I've got 2 10mm spacers on my genesis for touring at the moment so 5 or 10mm should raise it up nicely.

    A little bit stack heavy'll look good. I might invest in some compressionless brake cabling as well for the mini-vs to get rid of some of the squish

  • I just checked and it's 6 but don't hate me

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SPA Cycles

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