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  • IT'S ARRIVED. Pictures to follow tonight. It's awesome.

  • So that was a long gap - in need of a tidy up with wiring and general clean

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  • Nice. I'm commuting on my Spa at the minute. Weirdly saw a other one today - only the second ever example in the wild!

    I still don't like their decals tho. I really wanna get mine resprayed at some point and redesign them.

  • Now with bag insert and clean wiring (also general cleaning!)

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  • Totally agree with decals and colour - paint is pretty durable so I'll likely leave it at the moment. I've seen one other one in scotland on was the red version of the tourer and looked pretty ace.

  • Having loved my tourer so much, a new plan is coming into being...

    I'm considering their immensely good offer on 631 tourers for my gf. So reviving the forum wisdom once more...

    Would this work out as similar to a ridgeback velocity 17"? E.g. with a 375mm reach.­s/631tourergeometry.pdf

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  • 631 geometry

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  • Some investigation later - It seems that 51cm spa cycles tourer is basically a 17" ridgeback hybrid. Only thing I'm missing is working out the BB drop. I might measure that tonight on mine.

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  • I was surprised how "long and low" my Spa Audax was when I put its geo into that visualisation tool.

  • Sorry to dig up this thread.
    Was gon order some rigida sputniks and system ex hubs from them but wanted to check whether they're total shit or not.

  • I found their service pretty good, but all I did was order a frameset. They seem to do quite a brisk trade in handbuilt wheels, which suggests they know what they're doing - especially for the touring crowd.

  • Have always had good service from them; as noted above, their wheels are popular with the touring and audax crowd.

  • I have a handbuilt rear from them for sale if you're interested...ambrosio x exal, silver, just a few hundred miles on it

  • Can you PM me with details?

  • Anyone happen to own a Wayfarer on here?

    Says on their website it takes 47mm plus guards so I'm wondering if it would fit something like a 2.2inch tyre.

    Emailed and ask what the max was and got told "It's got really big clearances like the Surly."

  • Does anyone know where I can find the geo chart for the Audax Mono? Or is the geo the same as the steel audax? Not sure between the 50 and 52.

  • I queried this with them before. It’s the same as the audax Ti/725.

  • Cheers!

    Funny geo, "long and low." 50cm it is.

    Now to decide between boring black or supermarket merlot © @amey

  • Dredging up an old post -- what software was used to compare the frames? It looks like it could be useful for visualising different bikes.

  • Don't know what it was in the original post but check out
    for the same functionality. You can choose bikes from their database or add your own if you sign up.

  • Don't know what it was in the original post but check out

    Thanks, the Bike-on-Bike Compare feature of Bike Insights looks like it implements the same functionality.

  • Do Spa give an update of your order with tracking information?

  • no it just turns up, at least in my experience

  • Could be worse.

  • They don't even tell you if what you've ordered is actually in stock at the time of ordering, you'll know it's shipped when the money leaves your account, then it's usually a day or two til you get a knock on the door.

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SPA Cycles

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