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  • I just googled it and apparently the prevailing wind is from the southwest, so you may actually have a grand time cycling up the coast northbound!

    A couple of sources

  • Oh that is good news! Might be worth planing for a scenic, bakery hopping first day en route to Bruges and a longer head down coastal ride towards Amsterdam the second. The idea would be to stop overnight somewhere nice and close to Amsterdam like Delft or Leiden for an evening walk and dinner to then get into Amsterdam early on the following day and have the afternoon for a good walk and/or the customary visit to the Rijks.

    Having only done UK weekend trips on the bike I'm so stocked about this, and I don't even know if I'll be able to do this in the next 12 months! 😂

  • no probs, shout if you have any more questions.

    One additional comment on cycling etiquette, the Dutch & Belgians are very, very respectful of cyclists. In fact it can be downright unnerving to someone used to 12 years of cycle-commuting into Canary Wharf via Tower Bridge the way drivers stop and wave you across at roundabouts where cyclists have priority.

    However, if there is a cycle path and you are riding on the road (happened a couple of times by mistake when we were lost/hadn't spotted the cycle path) then all bets are off and you will get hooted and shouted at until you are back in lane.

    Here's a couple of additional vids (riding in Belgium) if you need more inspiration

    Why Does it Always Rain on Me? (Dunkirk to Oudenaarde)

    The Moment (Gent to Dunkirk)

  • Does anyone have any shouts for a chill long weekend circular tour route from the Hook of Holland. Bikes have plenty of tyre but would rather stay mostly paved to cover more distance.

  • This 300k brevet (gpx available) could be a good starting point. Expect a fair bit of wind, it’s where the Dutch championships headwind cycling are held, but you do get to ride across one of the seven wonders of the modern world.


  • Thanks that looks great, thank you. Hopefully I didn't imply that I was trying to NAIL HUGE MILEAGE because we will 100% be chilling but 300k over 4 days would be pretty doable.

  • @barry who is from thereabouts is riding the brevet this weekend and calls this ‘the most boring route ever’. I’d say his route is better than the one online with the Bergen Op Zoom loop, and I’m sorely disappointed in his lack of Dutch pride.

    Either route would be suitable for shortening by just skipping an island. I’d recommend dipping into Rotterdam, if you do I can pretend to still know where to go.

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  • Please be advised that whatever direction you're going in Zeeland, the wind is always going the exact opposite direction

  • you could do the route I laid out on the previous page but starting from the Hook rather than London.

    Overnight ferry (in a cabin) to Harwich, Essex lanes to London then down to Dover. Across to Dunkirk and then along the North Sea route back to the Hook

  • @MTB-Idle Interesting idea but I'm already travelling to hook via Harwich! Ferry is booked for May.

    @Tijmen Liking the idea of visiting Rotterdam so will add that to the itinerary.

    What do people do for accommodation on trips like this? I have camping stuff but wouldn't mind staying in hotels or hostels.

  • Anyway,


    I sorted this out with staying at Stayokay hostels in Utrecht and Rotterdam, and a hotel in den 'Bosch.

    Has anyone got any critical ideas/diversions? The route has mostly been freestyled from looking at the audax routes linked above except for the Rotterdam city loop which was from Tijmen.

    I've ended up with kind of big days but hopefully it'll be fine.

  • https://www.strava.com/activities/681817­6432

    I think you could take little bit of inspiration from this loop I did a while ago.
    Really recommend the "duinen" national park. Depending on the time of the day it may be a bit crowded with families going out for a stroll, but the landscape is something to behold

  • Just following up my own post to say it was all very good. Only slight hitch was the Stayokay in rotterdam only let us put the bikes with their bikes, which are kind of exposed on a "terrace" though within view of the front desk which is 24 hour manned. Was sketchy but we survived. I'll try and do a proper write up.

    @Whopper I didn't manage to incorporate much of this but definitely will next time, thank you.

  • In my limited experience, it's a nice relaxing place to ride a bike.

    [removed for unnecessary spite]

  • No worries, just let me know when you are down here next time and I'll be able to show you around myself

  • https://www.vriendenopdefiets.nl/en

    Anyone tried using this for accommodation? Also any others like it for Europe?

  • I have for a 10 day trip around Holland. I just rocked up to a town and started calling people which was a bit hit and miss. I think for best results, it would be best to book ahead. The hosts where generally lovely. The standard breakfast of boiled egg and dark bread did get tiresome after a while though as everyone seems to serve the same thing.

  • Excellent, thanks for the tips. May give it a go when I'm there in a couple weeks time

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Holland / Netherlands

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