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  • I just googled it and apparently the prevailing wind is from the southwest, so you may actually have a grand time cycling up the coast northbound!

    A couple of sources

  • Oh that is good news! Might be worth planing for a scenic, bakery hopping first day en route to Bruges and a longer head down coastal ride towards Amsterdam the second. The idea would be to stop overnight somewhere nice and close to Amsterdam like Delft or Leiden for an evening walk and dinner to then get into Amsterdam early on the following day and have the afternoon for a good walk and/or the customary visit to the Rijks.

    Having only done UK weekend trips on the bike I'm so stocked about this, and I don't even know if I'll be able to do this in the next 12 months! 😂

  • no probs, shout if you have any more questions.

    One additional comment on cycling etiquette, the Dutch & Belgians are very, very respectful of cyclists. In fact it can be downright unnerving to someone used to 12 years of cycle-commuting into Canary Wharf via Tower Bridge the way drivers stop and wave you across at roundabouts where cyclists have priority.

    However, if there is a cycle path and you are riding on the road (happened a couple of times by mistake when we were lost/hadn't spotted the cycle path) then all bets are off and you will get hooted and shouted at until you are back in lane.

    Here's a couple of additional vids (riding in Belgium) if you need more inspiration

    Why Does it Always Rain on Me? (Dunkirk to Oudenaarde)

    The Moment (Gent to Dunkirk)

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Holland / Netherlands

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