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  • if anyone's in Brabant tomorrow, more specifically near Eindhoven or Tilburg, shout. there's morning (cobble!) rides before Paris Roubaix is being shown on big screens in the afternoon

  • Actually looking at transferring Uni to Wagenengen, have spent time in Rotterdam/Amsterdam etc but never so far East. Might be there for a year or so and just interested to know what it is like to live around there and if students mostly live in the bigger towns and commute? I'm taking it for granted that the cycle infrastructure is as amazing as the rest of the country and access to the Rhine looks like a win too!

  • Wageningen (pop. 35000) houses 7000 students the WUR web site claims, but afaik doesn't offer much entertainment-wise. Nijmegen (28km from WUR so a nice bike commute) is a much livelier town with lots of students, would be a better pick indeed. Prime cycling area for sure!

  • Thought that might be the case! I could handle a 56km Dutch commute, less so in UK. Nijmigen will probably be relatively quiet if Rotterdam was anything to go by too eh? My hard party days are over though so I guess I'm more interested in being able to pedal about stress free and job prospects.

    Is Wageningen well respected as a Uni? I'm doing a Landscape Architecture masters here but don't have another 12000€ for the second year's fees plus I want to escape before Brex-shit hits. I admit I would much rather be in Amsterdam but have missed the deadline plus it's far harder to get in I think.

  • I want to escape before Brex-shit hits

    You and me both. Missus and myself have been eyeing up a move to the Netherlands for a while, will see how fast we can learn Dutch

  • I may be forced to go soon as my ex work is drying up... I am Dutch but means starting from scratch...Again!

    Lfgss goes Dutch chapter!

    So there are simple free courses online, there's a paid Dutch course and the Rosetta stone DVDs.

    Most ppl speak English which is the biggest barrier to learning it :)

  • Amsterdam is very expensive. So maybe it's not too bad to go Wageningen :)

    Not sure on Wageningen bar agriculture they got a great rep for that.

  • Yeah, they say they focus on the botanical/natural science aspects which suits me. There's also Delft, which might be a nice compromise but I think they've a more urban planning focus, which is probably more useful for getting a job... Would also let me stay in Rotterdam and commute. Dunno-lots of things to weigh up-gf, work, pals... feel like i'm perpetually striking out on my lonesome and starting over : /

    I really enjoyed staying in Rotterdam before though and definitely feel going to Europe is a more positive choice than getting reamed for another 9 grand in fees and just feeling really fucked off at the quality of the program you get for it.

  • Yeah, you got a bad deal with uni, I read your tales of woe :/

    One of my mates may end up in Scotland for his PhD.

    I dunno if i want to study again, if i do plenty of choice in NL.

  • Wageningen has got a great reputation in agriculture and Delft is ascribed as one of the best technical universities out there, I, don't have experience studying at either of those though so it's just hearsay. If I had to choose between those two places I'd go to Delft for sure, just more things going on in the near vicinity

  • Delft is a very nice small town.

    Not sure on rents and so on, but the town centre is super nice.

  • Delft is all good & well, but the farther away from the Randstad you are, the better the cycling opportunities and 'nature' get. There's too much car/train infrastructure in the west, and the towns are so close together.

  • The weather is also better in the South, my parents are in Weert, and it's warmer down there.

    But then you end up in Eindhoven to study, I don't think they have what Uber is after.

  • @peter_v @JWestland

    thanks for the infos-I've been sick as hell and unable to cycle for ages so the idea of being in nature and being able to ride around in peace is very appealing at the moment! I thought Delft was beautiful is quite busy with tourists whenever I passed through, it's in commuting distance from Rotterdam though so that would be ok. I think I may have missed the deadline for that now anyway though :(

    There's also an internship portion of study so I could do that somewhere more busy than Nijmigen/Wageningen I guess? Will see, hopefully something works out! thanks again

  • Just got back from my annual NL visit. If you're travelling Amsterdam to Utrecht, forget the main canal and head for Muiden and then follow the river Vecht - insanely beautiful villages, towns and houses the whole way.

    When we got back to Harwich, we were waiting for Co-op to open and saw an old female cyclist indicate right only to be cut up by some driver prick. Co-op opened and a staff member brought out the local news A-board - "COMMUTERS BRACED FOR FARES HIKE".

    Why is the UK so shit?

  • Amsterdamn slice of life. In Dutch, but it’s mainly just without comment


  • Annual trip is on, thought this year would get away from me. I’m going mid-June, 4 days of riding around breweries, catching some World Cup matches, not thinking about work (but also celebrating new job) and generally winding down. Just need to decide where to stay (I hate packing/unpacking so generally get one place and ride out from there)

  • Different route to Holland too now we’ve moved, Hull to Rotterdam instead of Harwich to HoH.... no Bobby McFerrin....

  • Are you gonna stay in Rotterdam?

  • Probably not, I’ve got a few NH points so will most likely stop in one of their hotels. I usually stay in zoetermeer, which is bit of a dull place, but.... I can cycle to at least 3 great breweries on a day ride from there, and the station is on the doorstep to get really easily to any number of places pretty quickly.

  • No Bobby McFerrin on both Hollandica and Britannica yesterday.

  • I usually stay in zoetermeer, which is bit of a dull place

    A bit!?

  • Oh, a lot! But I never go into the town itself... the hotel is right by the station, the bike parking is secure, it’s cheap and I can ride to De Molen, or Kaapse for example really easily.

    It’s all about what you’re needs are as well, I’m fat, unfit with 2 kids and do a stressful job where I have to juggle way too many demands. So I go to Holland and totally switch off on my own. Being somewhere boring is ideal.

  • @porkypie Schiedam is a nice compromise, with a small historic centre with canals and tall windmills, bars and restaurants. Famous for its gin, which might appeal to you. If you enjoy visiting breweries, why not a distillery? Lovely green Midden Delfland is around the corner, as well as the city of Rotterdam. HoH beach is also doable by bike. All in all a versatile place, much more interesting than Zoetermeer. Well worth looking into.

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Holland / Netherlands

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