Ride and or Race in Liverpool?

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  • What happened to sundays?

  • atm the trains to liverpool from kirkby southport and i presume ormskirk are rubbish
    and every sunday they mess up
    but im more than willing to get out sundays

  • Who needs trains when you've got a bike?

    Not sure how far it is from Kirkby to Liverpool centre, but it can't be more than 8 miles. Ormskirk to Lpl is 12 miles and its all pretty flat (well, flat anyway).

    8 miles will take you less than 40 mins. Beats waiting for trains any day.

    Not wanting to boast but it's quicker for me to cycle to Speke/Garston (to work) than it is to get trains.

    HTFU, as they say.

  • How many folk is there out on a Liverpool ride? I'd be up for the drive over if there's a few folk and something going on.
    I could even pick someone up from Kirkby on the way ;)

  • First it's trains, then driving cars, what's the world coming to ;)

  • Seriously, though....
    I've only been on a couple of rides, but the Tour de Scouse was great. If anything like that comes up again you should be there. Good fun.

  • haha im very out of shape and had a bad experience last time as i tried to cycle to liverpool unprepared
    got a puncture in norris green
    and had to walk 3 miles through croxteth and norris green

  • A thought for some of you guys local to me...

    Through the spring/summer I'm going to make an effort to ride at least once a week in Leeds.
    Sam/Max etc...ride on Tuesdays/Thursdays if the weather's good. Decent turn out, beer afterwards.

    So, There's a space in the car for a bike and person, if you want to tag along and share the petrol (works out at about £13 for the round trip, so £6:50 a head) you're more than welcome. Drop me a PM if you're interested. All you'd have to do is get yourself to Rainford for early evening.

  • ride tomorro people

  • time, place?

  • Disrail and myself are going to go for a quick ride before the Bike Fix thing at Fact.

    So if you're up for it too then meet us at the top of Brownlow Hill, in between the Victoria Building (with the clocktower) and the Electrical Engineering building (big white one).

    About 6pm, quick ride, get to Fact for 7ish?

  • Cool, I shall come along too. See you there :)

  • Anyone up for a ride this week?

    Also is anyone heading to the Manchester Platt Fields thing on Saturday? You should Phil, they'll be having that tall bike welding workshop, which I'm sure you can transfer to cargo bikes. See http://ibikemcr.org.uk/?q=annual-festiva­l-2009/ibikeplattfields

    I'm trying to get LOADS of miles in the next couple of weeks, so I'm using it as an excuse to ride there. Anyone wanna join me? If the weather is good it's a well nice 2-3hr flat ride.

  • anyone want to meet up with me diko and kent tomorro

  • pierhead 1.00pm

  • anyone want to meet up with me diko and kent tomorro

    Darn - can't today. Looks like you've got the weather on your side though!

    Next time...

  • Ha ha... Nice Chickin, Nice....! is that Dickson pretty much pulling off Keo's? good work lads... i need to get some serious practice in.... we should organise another MCR/LVPL hook up one weekend.... Pierhead sessions etc... can't wait for the summer... !

  • yeah i wanna make it to a tricknolegy soon

  • Anyone heading over to Manchester this Friday?
    I may be getting the train over in time for the Mystery TT.

  • im skint man i want to go but it dont look to good

  • Just had the heads up off me mate that theres a new bikeshop opening in bootle soon towards the johnsons cleaners
    gonna be open begining of next month (may) sounds like its gonna have decent stock should be interesting

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Ride and or Race in Liverpool?

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