Ride and or Race in Liverpool?

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  • What did they pull you for?

  • he got caught robbin some socks

  • All your bikes are going to get stolen.

  • Well done Oleleo, very intelligent, well informed statement! Nothing like a good stereotype to start the day!! Tit!

  • yer i got caught with few pair of pringles and a set of ysl socks on me
    i had no lights on on me way home going dead slow on the side so they pulled me over

    and to oleleo dont be a blert

    tryna sort a few people to come out for a ride
    me chickin and a few others so far

  • anyone fancy a ride tonight?

  • i would come but ive just got back to mine from town

  • hey guys, just signed up. I'd be well up for a liverpool ride anytime. Not sure if I can make the alleycat on Sunday tho.

    Giz a shout. Anyone for a ride tonight / next week?

  • tonight?

  • tonight?

    What time and where? I could do with a ride.

    Haven't been at home much this week though so will have to check the domestic situation first.

  • er me and dicko are up for it but we need to go buy some weekend drugs first

  • Sorry, I started early on the weekend drugs and I completely forgot :(

  • Gutted. I was there in front of my monitor from 6pm 'til midnight hitting 'refresh' waiting for some response :(

  • ...Almost.

  • Hey Guys, its Critical Mass in liverpool this Friday from 6pm. Numbers have been growing steadily over the past couple of months. There were 2 soundsystems last month too...
    checkout www.liverpoolcm.org.uk

    There's quite a few people on fixed and ss, so get ur ass down for some slow ridin road choking action for an hour then hit the pub or go for a ride after.

    Be good to see you guys there.

    Also, anyone goin over to Ride it Sunday in Manchester this w/e? Anyone up for riding over?

  • Anyone heading out tomorrow night for a ride around town, CM or otherwise?

  • I wanted to, but my girlfriend is coming up for the weekend to visit and neither of my bikes are suitable for her. She won't ride my brakeless BMX because she says it's too scary and she doesn't like my fixed.

    I tried telling her to HTFU but she didn't take too kindly to that...

  • Juz givera takey laaar!


    I'll be up for a ride after. I'll have to ditch the soundsystem (max speed 8mph) back at the lockup and grab the fixie tho.

    If anyone's at CM, then you can grab a quick pint and whip up the other riders whilst I sort that. If not 8pm at the bombed out church??

    PM me your mobiles and i'll get word to y'all of whats going on.

  • im tryna get everyone out on sunday

  • What time and where on Sunday?

  • where we off sunday chickin ?
    im up for it lad
    the cutters finally here !

  • I'm up for it, let us know some more info!

  • If it's an evening do, I may be able to make it.

  • already been out mate, i rang chicken id only just got up
    fuckin gutted

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Ride and or Race in Liverpool?

Posted by Avatar for gogosama @gogosama