Ride and or Race in Liverpool?

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  • Meeting Rich and Lei at lime street, 11am, then heading up from there

  • sweet have you got joes number

  • nope. I'll post mine over in the private section now if anyone needs it...

  • Anyone gonna be goin up to watch the Tour Series Crit in Southport tomorrow 7pm?

    Rob Hayles won last night in Blackpool.

  • Riding Formby tonight with Chickin and Co.

    Anyone else in? Number in the numbers thread if you want to drop me a call/text

  • Liverpool-Chester-Liverpool on Sunday 5th July, anyone doing it? I'll probably ride it fixed again.

  • Liverpool-Chester-Liverpool on Sunday 5th July, anyone doing it? I'll probably ride it fixed again.

    Wrong way round isn't it? Mind you, who in their right mind would go from Chester to Liverpool.
    Well, Michael Owen. obviously...

  • how much is it to enter

  • About 15 quid I think, can't remember.
    Been doing it for the last 5 years so it's become a bit of a tradition.

  • Psyched, haven't cycled for 4 months but keen to get back on it for the Scallycat. This'll give me a deadline to get the bike built.

  • woohoo! LSF will be down for sure!

  • boy of ya ting!

  • Can i just bump this thread again as the nights are drawing out and evening rides around sefton park should be a goer again for those without night visions hids.

    The surface has fared pretty well after the ice/snow



  • Any of you lads coming to Leeds next Saturday?


  • There is a race in liverpool, get down april 29th

  • Good to see this^

    Just back from visiting my Dad in Liverpool (where I am from).
    Rode to Childwall from town and back 3 times over the past 3 days clocking around 30 miles and counted 4 people on bikes on road. That is all. There were a few more cycling on the pavements and a group of BMXers around Paddy Wigwam. The weather was great, fresh and sunny, the roads are wide and quiet, yet no one on bikes. Why is this?

    Liverpool is mildly hilly, just small hill coming up from the Mersey, has a mild climate yet no one was cycling.
    What can we do to reverse this?
    I did meet a bloke on a KC road bike called Mel, the bike was monogrammed 'Ray Davies' Here it is:

    we spoke about the lack of people on bikes and he'd like to do something. Not sure what.
    Any ideas?

  • saw no one cycling? There were stacks at the Birkenhead tunnel watching the time trial. Liverpool Century were out in Wales. BMX pro Ben Lewis is in Austin. I guess people were out riding instead of posing around town? It only take one person to pedal a bike, who needs anyone else if you really want to ride?

  • What about during the commute?
    I rode from lime street to near calderstones park at 1730 on Thursday. One cycle commuter.
    Good to know there is a 'sports scene' though

  • you need a job to commute!!!haha

  • I'm in north Liverpool, up here it's deadpan flat, very boring. Still, I don't see many cyclists, maybe 3 or 4 on my commute, it is a very busy road I'm on though with loads of HGVs.

    There are some nice places to ride though, the old Cheshire Lines track from Aintree to Hunts Cross and of course over on the Wirral there's a lot of good riding, although still not that many commuters, probably about 10-15 on each of the ferries in the morning and a few on each train.

    In Liverpool though cycling isn't cool and it's quite obviously divided by class. Working class or lower = pedalestrians on full suspension bikes from Tesco. Middle class, some sort of road or hybrid bike for commuting. Not many cycle for leisure and there is almost zero non-commuter utility cycling amongst people who can afford cars. Can't remember the last time I saw a woman on a bike. It's a very sad state of affairs and rather lonely, hence why I'm here in a London based forum.

  • Perhaps we need a (L)iverpool FGSS and some Beers in the Phillharmonic Dinning Rooms? & Track racing round Sefton Park ftw
    I'll be there

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Ride and or Race in Liverpool?

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