Ride and or Race in Liverpool?

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  • i can ride bank holiday monday day if anyones up for it

  • Hmm, weather's looking totally shit for tomorrow. Went out the other day on my new/old Harry Quinn and got the fastest lap I've ever done round sefton park. It's a 79" gear, nowhere to hide, just gotta keep pushing it.

    What gear does the Fuji have chris?

    Sorry for not replying earlier, been a bit busy this week.

    My Fuji's running 68" at the mo. As standard they're about 82"

  • Yeah I'm up for a ride on monday. What time Greg?

  • Has anyone got a Lockring Spanner? Got a new sprocket and need to change, really don't want to use mole grips and bash the shit out of it.

  • Try AtomPhil.

    I need to get a new sprocket and lockring for this 27" Tub wheel i've got at home.

  • Thanks dude, I went round to his house about an hour ago and sorted it. See you at CM tonight.

  • Good morning to you all!

    I'm Almer, a student of industrial design and engineering in Rotterdam (the Netherlands).
    I dont ride fixed myself yet, but i got a couple of single speeds which i like to rip around town with.
    The reason i'm posting here is that at the moment i just started a school project in cooperation with motorola about communication within urban youth subculture scenes.
    As a subculture scene to work with i went with fixed gear riders, knowing some around town here, and liking the attitude and ideas of the scene around here.
    I've just been doing some research up to now, not working on any real products or concepts as of yet. But next week from tuesday till saturday our school will be travelling to liverpool to collaborate with some design students at Liverpool School of Art & Design (LJMU). Here we will be working out some concepts, focussing on communication technology in clothing and sportswear. (in my case specially designed for fixed riders)
    what i was wondering is if anybody would like to meet up, maybe discuss some concepts i had in mind or come up with some brilliant shit together ;)
    or if anybody could point me to some local spots where fixed riders hang out?

    I don't really know anything about my schedule yet, so can't make any appointments right now, but it'd be nice to know if anyone's interested!

    maybe see you later?!


  • What is a subculture? Why would fixed gear riders need these types of communications embedded in clothes (if I understand you correctly) more than a geared cyclist?

  • right, ehh..
    i sort of chose fixed gear riders as a focus group. a group of people i would base the design of my product on. I will probably not design specificaly only for them, because that would make any possible outcome way too specific. (ie it would not sell enough). the part of the project i don't like is that it's supposed to be about marketing. this is a classic marketing strategy, supposedly aiming a project at an urban youthculture could help other young people get interested. kind of like using extreme sports in a coke or pepsi commercial.
    but because i like fixed gear and single speed and because i HAD to choose a group of people, this is my choice.

    it's not supposed to be any kind of product yet. it COULD be a communication device embedded in clothes, but could also become something different all together.this is just a direction i need to work along, but no real concepts have been made yet.

  • Sounds like an interesting idea anyway, you've got a very broad scope. I'm guessing being paired with motorola it has to be a comms device though.
    There's not really a coherent fixed scene in Liverpool that I know of, though quite a few riders up Formby, Southport way. Chikin will know if anything's going on.
    Manchester has a huge cycling scene and hence a decent group of fixed riders, who have weekly trick sessions, and a bi-weekly sunday pub run.

    Soz about being a twat, but i think the whole image around fixed gear riding, that you're hoping to tap into is a bit false and stereotyped. I know lots of sound people who ride bikes round here, some are serious cyclists, some are not, some ride fixed and some don't. If you meet up with anyone in Liverpool they'll be sound, but might not fit your preconceptions of what a fixed gear rider should look like or how they should behave :) Hope you enjoy the stay.....

  • so, totally did enjoy my stay. did some good work with the guys from LJMU. Final concept i'm going to work on from now is going to be a camera system instead of a comms device, but still fits into motorola's perspective. sorry, but i can't really go into details here.
    Defenitely had a good time, even though the only fixed bike i saw was at walker gallery. it was a pretty impressive bike though!

  • you didn't even see a fixed bike, the Paul Smith bike at the Walker has been set up on the freewheel side.

  • the less massive companys get into it the better
    any rides soon?

  • They've got a Paul Smith Mercian in the Walker, like this one????

    Damn, I need to get down there soon.

  • Paul Smith is some sort of fashion god. I love his stuff.

    Also, I agree with Gogo, ride soon?

  • Liverpool lads....

    Get yo train tickets booked, yo.

    Facebook event page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=83­995774137&ref=nf#/event.php?eid=83995774­137&ref=nf

  • yo jammy any lifts?
    ive got an fat overdraft in my bank account
    all hail the credit crunch

  • Sure man. I'll be heading over early-ish though, as I think I'm helping.
    If you're cool with that you're in.

  • I'm in for that.

  • i wanna go to the leeds but cant its my bday that day and ill be in bed fucked hopefully

  • i wanna go to the leeds but cant its my bday that day and ill be in bed fucked hopefully

    epic fail

  • We need to get out and get together.

    I'm gonna be out flyering for critical mass quite a bit the next couple of weeks, so I'll be out and about, anyone wants to join me would be cool.

    Also got a DVD on loan of a 1994 documentary on NYC couriers "need for speed". Its really funny, so uncool in a very 90s way, but with some very cool characters, worth a watch. Should get sorted for this sometime.

  • Was supposed to be fishing with Rich, Lei and Kent on Sunday. But due to car troubles I don't think I'll be able to...
    So, ride anyone? I think it's ride it Sunday in Manc.

  • Gonna be doing 100+ hilly miles in wales on sunday, so be done about 4pm. (though that could easily slip 2 hours either way)

    Ride it Sunday sounds good if my body isn't broken. 6:30 at GMEX??

    Next Weds, if anyone wants a go at a 10 mile TT, then there's one near Hale Village at 7pm. Free to enter, don't need lycra, nice course with no dual carriageways or roundabouts. If it's nice we can grab a beer and hit dungeon lane by the airport and get some waynes world moments as the planes fly in over our heads.....

  • southport tricks sunday

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Ride and or Race in Liverpool?

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