Ride and or Race in Liverpool?

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  • is there any anytime soon
    if not
    who would come if i organise the event

  • What do you have in mind? TT, alleycat, or some city tour?
    I would love to give polo a try if we can get a few more people (a bit tricky with just two of us I imagine).

    Anyway gogosama, where in Liverpool are you based?

  • yeah ive been planning an alleycat for liverpool

    the tour de scouse

    the dates will be realeased at the manchester halloween alleycat this friday

  • when do you plan on doing this?

  • late november early december

  • hmmmm. I'd appreciate it if you could give a date so I could get a ticket- don't fancy dropping £60 on Virgin trains

  • ill post the dates this weekend as it still needs planning

  • i'd be well up for this.

  • Stick a date up, I could combine it with a trip to Goodison - if we're at home of course

  • I'll be there if the date is good.

  • Pistanator, you put one up if you like. Maybe weekend of 22nd November? I could combine it with a visit to see the girl...

    It'd be awesome if all of us from That London go up en masse. Well, the few that go anyway.


  • Weekend of 6th Dec no good for me.

  • @chickin: What are the details of the Manchester do on Friday?

  • @chickin: What are the details of the Manchester do on Friday?

    Friday 31st October

    Critical Massacre 6pm Central Library
    Come in fancy dress for a spooky bike ride around our city.

    Then we ride to Jackson's Boat, Rifle Road, Sale, M33 2LX
    for a Halloween party and Subvurt Transport.

    The idea of the night is to:

    *bring together politics, fun, dancing and havin it music.
    *promote cycling
    *discuss transport issues
    *meet other cyclists and cycling organisations
    *have loads of fun
    *celebrate Halloween

    COME TO THE PARTY. We do ask that people consider sustainable forms of
    transport to get there where possible.

    To plan your route there using public transport see:

    You can get there on the Trans Penine Trail and also a short walk from
    Chorlton through Chorlton Ees Nature Reserve. See map here:


    It is part of two groups: Subvert and I Bike MCR where everyone gives
    their time and skills for free. We organise events that aim to promote
    social change and thought and discussion around important issues. We do
    this in our own spare time because we believe that giving our time to make
    a change will be worth it.

    It will be a free event in order to make it accessible to everyone no
    matter their economic situation. We will ask for donations to go to
    helping the I Bike MCR cycle campaign.

    Subvurt and I Bike MCR Halloween Party
    at Jackson's Boat

    With 2 areas of ace stuff going on- indoors and outdoors under a marquee!

    Indoor Space
    8.30-10.30: Films, spoken word performance and speakers from different
    transport related campaigns and organisations inc. 20's plenty Campaign,
    Manchester Congestion Charge YES Campaign, I Bike MCR, Bicycology, Keith

    10.30pm: DJ's playing a variety of Dubstep, Drum and Bass etc.
    Inc. KEN EVIL (Bass Camp/Ape)
    DEFUNKLES (Solid Earth)
    R LASS (Drum Music)

    Outdoor Space
    8.30pm- The Spokes Bicycle Dance Troupe perform
    9pm-10pm- bike games including a foot down comp, strip track stand
    competition (fixie required for most of them!)

    9pm- 1am- DJ's playing reggae, dub, dancehall, funk, garage, house.
    Inc. LONGSHOT DJ's and a back2back special from Louis (Longshot) and Nes
    (Pick your own/ i bike mcr)
    JACKY FERAL (FOM + Stumblefunk)
    RUF MOUTH (Drum Music)


    We're finishing at 1am so you have time to go to houseparties etc that I'm
    sure will be on late into the night on this ghoulish evening..so come nice
    and early and make the most of this fantastic and exciting event.

    If you want to DJ, perform or help out by giving out flyers, helping make
    and put up decor etc. get in touch: info@ibikemcr.org.uk

  • im based in kirkby, i think polo would be a good idea any idea of a place we could play ?

  • im sure matt told me there was an alleycat in manc on friday critical mass is for vegans

    also these people from liverpool need to come ride ive seen loads of new riders in the last month must be students

  • im no fuckin student! i havent seen many people from liverpool the odd 2 or 3

  • im tryin to get a few people out riding tonite anyone game?
    just out and about liverpool

  • Sorry chickin, missed this!

    Maybe a little more warning next time, eh?

  • critical mass is for vegans


    I was thinking about coming to manc on the 28th of November. Let us know asap when you're gonna do this and I can sort out a detour to l'pool.

    Anyway, haven't you been planning this for about 6 months? It better be good...

  • yeah its my love child

  • if anyones up for a ride tonight in liverpool im out chickin said hes up for it
    other mate not on here is too
    just a chill cruise whatever like
    giz a call 07544019900

  • Can't do tonight - babysitting.
    Let me know how it goes, traffic was mad tonight with it being match day, cars going all directions.
    Should have calmed down by the time you ride.

  • yeah was hectic before big groups of spanish people just in town not even at anfield i dident meet up with gogosama tho i think he needs to charge his phone

  • town was too busy tonight stressful, then the bizzys give me jib on the way home

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Ride and or Race in Liverpool?

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