• I cleaned our tandem in london city airport travel lodge shower during a trip to belgium.

  • This is ace, any other advice for cleaning bikes in small flats?

  • Thats what hotel rooms are designed for

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  • Took my road bike apart last week and cleaned everything in the bath. Spotless. The bath on the other hand....

  • did a pony in a shower once

  • if you can fit parts in the dishwasher youre on to a winner

  • Cleaned my road bike in a brand-new bath not long after we moved in to a new (newly renovated) apartment.
    Was careful, stripped everything, laid a towel in the bath to protect it from fork-ends, pedals, etc.
    Bike cleaned, bath cleaned. All good.
    Feeling like I was on a roll, I decide to clean out the fridge. Removed all the huge glass shelves, took them into the bathroom. First one slipped out of my hand, into the bath. Noise was absolutely deafening within a tiny fully-tiled room.
    Closed my eyes.
    When I opened them, the shelf was still in one piece! Yay for toughened glass! Lifted it out of the bath, and there it was. 50p-sized chip out of the enamel, right in the centre of the flat bottom. I was nearly sick.

    Bike goes to the jetwash these days.

  • What about the fridge?

  • nah, never ponied in any fridges

  • You haven't lived.

  • did a pony in a shower once

    A woman pulled down her pants, semi-squatted, directed her bits (never knew it was possible) and did this just next to the traffic lights outside Peckham library the other day.

    Could not believe my eyes.

    You can gentrify the hell out of a place but you can't make all the people civilised...

  • saw a lady in an altered state perform the same kinda stunt in london's london fields about 7-8 years ago, almost pre gentrification

  • recently had to empty my frame + wheels out after the wettest road ride in history.

    Utilized the bath as it was nasty outside. I was so proud of myself for not scratching the bath, not getting grease on anything, and even cleaned the whole bath down with sht shifter afterwards (way better than most bathroom cleaners!), carefully carried the dissembled bike through to the front room where I went to up end it to dry by the radiator thinking there would only be a little water inside the frame as I'd already emptied it in the bath... erm no...

    I basically shot a 4' streak of greasy black water across the beige front room carpet, not even in the corner, right smack in the middle. Yeah, sht shifter did not clean that mess up :S

  • Yes i have.. the bike was so clean, but as said before the bath ! it seemed to have some sort of invisible grit in it for ages..

  • Wetwipes, either of the baby or face variety!

  • 700x23, that looks exactly like my bike in the bath last winter.

    Resin bath

    No wheel on front.

    Dropped front.

    2 extra drain holes in bath FFS. Geez, how could that have happened?

    You have been warned, children ....

  • Agreed, its not without risk, but necessary when I live in a flat.

  • Years ago I washed my very muddy mountain bike in the bath, in halls of residence at uni.
    All went well apart from the small crack I'd made with my rear mech hanger, I honestly thought it was just a scratch!
    The students on the floor below were not very impressed the next time the bath was used. Oops!

  • Carlsberg don't do women, but if they did.

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Who has ever cleaned a bike in the shower without telling the flat mate?

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