South East beers - Tuesdays @ The Roebuck, SE1 4YG

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  • Such fun. Glad to raise a glass to rowhan and enjoyed all the conversation and faces

  • No arguments there!
    Love for all

  • Let's see if the works

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  • Sorry if I missed anyone... I probably got distracted by shiney lights or something.

  • Lovely to see everyone. Probably should have had something to eat! Hah.

    Thanks @hoefla and @branwen for the lights!

  • Anybody else throw up this morning? Just me? Good.

  • I've not been on this forum (or much in the way of any social media) in about a year, but I wanted to sign in and say two things: firstly, How lovely it was to see all my old friends, to meet Andy's dad and see him off in such a nice way.
    And secondly, did anyone pick up my lovely Paul Smith stripy leather oyster card wallet? I think I may have dropped it at the pub.

  • It was great to see you @bq and so many other faces i hadn't seen for ages.
    A reflection of the impact @Rowhan had on the forum people.

  • This might actually be the worst hangover of my life. Can't keep anything down.

    Damn you people for buying me so many drinks. Damn you to hell.

  • Hahahahaha. Oh sorry, I mean I hope you feel better soon.

    It was so good to see you all. x


  • Thanks for the chilli jam!

  • Srzly send halp


  • Bosh some electrolytes and have a nap. This too shall pass.. haha.

  • Let me have the review! 😄

  • Sad I couldn't make this.

    The last time I was on a ride with Andrew, it was a mixed forum/non-forum ride to Cambridge for the beer festival. Andrew decided that one pretty girl was very much his kind of thing. But in very Andrew fashion, he then decided (and confided to me) that he didn't stand a chance next to the ride organiser. Given that she was his height and athletic, while the ride organiser was shoulder-height to either of them and weighed about the same as one of Andrew's thighs, I wasn't sure how he arrived at that conclusion but you know Andrew.

    Still, when we arrived at the festival, Andrew decided to chance it anyway. Which he did by stripping down to the waist and hoping his physique would advertise both his interest and his suitability. It turned out that the ride organiser was also interested in the girl, and responded by removing his shirt, waistcoat and braces. I spent the rest of the afternoon sat on the grass, drinking beer, perched awkwardly between Andrew in nothing but lycra shorts and the human toast-rack wearing only his tweed trews.

    In retrospect, quite an Andrew day.

  • Thanks @hoefla for the lights!

    Did you, uh, manage to work out how to turn them off? You didn't make an auspicious start ...

  • I usually blame @hillbilly at that point.

  • What a lovely memory @itsbruce :)

  • I literally only just got out of bed.

  • still can't quite believe it. norths represented. big love.

  • Are you alive yet, Dan?

    Nice but sad evening, though, and Andrew's dad was lovely.

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South East beers - Tuesdays @ The Roebuck, SE1 4YG

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