Phone Networks?

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  • My phone battery is basically dead so i need to upgrade as when I'm out late at night it's causing issues as booty calls are not getting to me until i get home again and can't be bothered.
    I have commitment issues so don't want a 12 or 18 month contract.
    3 are offering phones free with a 6 month contract and pretty decent plan but I remember there network having fuck all coverage.
    Any non/recommendations for phones or networks?

  • smoke need to worry about reception.

  • booty calls are not getting to me... can't be bothered...
    I have commitment issues...

    Tell me about your mother...

  • o2 do a plan where you can end the contract anytime, its a monthly thing. except there is no free phone..­_mmc=GUK-_-TRFE-_-OST-_-o2%20simplicity i think thats it...

  • the 02 one is a good deal though but the phone is the most important part though now

  • New battery?

  • new battery is £20 and i hate the phone anyways

  • go t-mob, you'll never look back.

  • t-mob do a pay-as-you combined with a contract which means that once you've spent your contracted minutes, you've got to top up with cash until next month.

    I no longer open £100 phone bills. Which is a bonus

  • Anyone on giffgaff? Looks to be the future.

  • Not for me, £1 pm for international calls, sounds like a pisstake to me.

  • 185 185 is the sniz for international calls apparently.

  • I have a spare sim card for giffgaff. They really are very good. I canceled my £40 02 tariff, and am now paying £10 a month for pretty much the same deal.

    Anyone want the sim card?

  • Anyone on giffgaff? Looks to be the future.

    Yeah, can't fault them at all.
    Makes me feel sick to think how long i was getting mugged off by o2.
    Topped up £10 3 months ago, still going strong. just.

  • Thread dredge:

    Anyone using Giff Gaff or Plusnet? - opinions? are coverage and download rates similar to the larger networks?

    They seem to be half the price of the major networks Vodafone, O2 etc.

  • Giffgaff use O2
    Plusnet use EE

    So for coverage and speeds just look at those providers.
    I doubt you'll notice any difference at all

  • OK, thanks.

    I'll read more about it, and try to work out what the drawbacks, if any, would be in leaving O2.

  • Do you live in London? Probably best with O2
    Do you live in the Thames valley? Maybe Voda is better
    Do you live anywhere else outside of a major city? Probably best with BT/EE*

    *they have the most geographical coverage, but there are plenty of exceptions

  • Usual drill of phoning O2 and threatening to leave? I've not done it in a couple of years, but got a decent enough package out of it in the past.

  • No drawbacks. Leave and take your number with you. If you don't like it then go back a month or two later

  • Cross-post...

    Hello. We wanted to let you know that from 13 November 2019, we'll be increasing the charge for some services that aren't included in your plan - for example the cost of calling some international destinations. Rest assured, there are no changes to the monthly cost of your plan or any extras you have with us. Head to­ to see all the changes. As we're increasing the charge for these services, you can end your agreement without a penalty - we hope you'll choose to stay, but if you'd like to leave, or to discuss your options, please call us on 0808 005 7312 within 30 days of receiving this message.

    I responded to the above message from my provider (Vodafone) and the upshot of the conversation under the new 'right to cancel' scheme was (after they tried 4 or so times to offer me a new contract and the latest phone of my choosing , although I already have a S10+) that I could cancel and retain my number on PAYG or take the PAC code. I needed to keep the number as I am leaving country in a few months and still need a UK presence. Only been on that upgrade for a little while so I saved an absolute fortune on the handset cost and monthly fees.

    Might be worth checking out messages from your own providers.

  • Okay. Background. I left the UK in 2018 but had an open phone contract. I've been paying it since then, begrudgingly. I can finally terminate the contract.

    I am trying to leave Three. I cannot get through to a human due to reduced call center operating hours. I've been unable to get hold of anyone via Live Chat over the last few days.
    I decide to use their automated 'Leave Three' platform online. I click leave Three. It tells me it's sent me a STAC code (this was introduced after I left the UK so I'd never heard of it). I need the STAC code to give to my new provider so that I can switch my line to a new provider.

    BUT I AM NOT SWITCHING TO A NEW PROVIDER, THREE! I just want to terminate the contract. But there is no other option whatsoever to terminate. You either request a PAC code or a STAC code. You can't just leave. Anyone else had this issue? Getting very annoyed....

    Do I just call a store tomorrow instead and see what they advise? To make matters worse, they've changed their sign in process and now my phone number is not recognised. But it is if I use the Three app... Hmmm, nice one, Three.

  • I left three this year and took my number to another network.
    Are you aware of this?­est/features-and-news/text-to-switch-sim­ple-to-switch-mobile-network
    You need to use the PAC, or STAC code though or your contract wont end.

  • Yes, but that clearly states:

    While most people want to keep their mobile number when they switch, around one in six do not.

    To switch and get a new number, text ‘STAC’ to 75075 to request a ‘service termination authorisation code’. The rest of the process is the same as above.

    I don't want to switch to anything. I just want to cancel the contract. I'm not opening a new line anywhere. I don't live in the UK anymore! I have the STAC, but what am I supposed to do with it if I just want to end my line? So dumb.

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Phone Networks?

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