Critical Mass in Birmingham

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  • Just thought I'd post this if anyone wants to know bout critical mass. It's the first Friday of every month, 6.00 to leave at 6.30 outside St.Phillips Cathedral in the centre of town.

  • I'm gonna be heading down for this on Friday....

    I'll be on a old condor road conversion with bronze paintwork that has seen better days..... Would be nice to hook up with anyone else who's going...... any clues as to who to look out for much appreciated....


  • I'll try and make it. I'm in london until tomorrow afternoon - but will be with my wheels when i step off the train.
    You'll notice me by the ensuing carnage.....

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  • I'll be on a Black and Green Brooklyn Machine Works, Gangsta track. Can't miss it.

  • I'll try and make it. I'm in london until tomorrow afternoon - but will be with my wheels when i step off the train.
    You'll notice me by the ensuing carnage.....

    do you ride a cream-coloured bike with bare drops, wear black shorts, a hat and a blue/black backpack, and also ride fast as fuck down broad street? I tried to catch up with you but cars kept cutting me up...

  • i'll be heading down, flat black converted peugeot, nitto flats etc, see you there

  • I'm on a charge plug with a stickerjob and a yellow cycling cap

  • i'll see you there for 5 mins then im going straight home to get pissed and write anti-motorism lyrics.

  • I hear you, will stop for one drink but no more.

    I'm on my way but have loads of mileage. Hope to get there in time.

  • Critical mass was good, nice to meet new people (Mike and Ellen). I'll def be there next month.

  • I almost came, but was feeling the combined effects of a delayed hangover and low calorie intake. In addition to that I neglected to warm down after work, so my muscles ached like never before.

  • ^^^Stop internet-stalking me

  • Nice to meet a few of you Friday....

    Was a good evening, made it back to lichfield in one piece even though the beer was trying to make a bid for freedom most of the way (must eat something next time...50 miles and three pints on an empty stomach is a bad move).....

    See you all around, Mike

  • I meant to go on the mass this week, but I had a brain malfunction and got there an hour late. Twat.

  • The German markets arrive in town very soon (this thursday i believe?) Shall we try and organise a few frothy Paulaner's and maybe a few pretzels - so that i can get to meet some of you? Then maybe a cruise?
    If you want to holla out a few dates that suit the majority - we can get it sorted.

  • I'm up for it on Sunday - anyone else?

  • Sunday would be good for me. Nice one

  • can't make it on sunday but i'm up for an evening next week

  • When is the market open til? I don't finish work til 8, mon-fri

  • right fuck this I'm going BMXing

  • fuck what?

  • er, messenjah are you alright? Do you need to up the meds? (i'm not sure how to respond to your comment? How about "Fuck this I'm going Trout Fishing". Is that random enough?)
    The markets close at 10pm i think Ben, so if you are about - we can hook up for a short spin.

  • You weren't supposed to respond. I had had enough of sitting around so I decided fuck it I'm going to do some stunts. I was merely stating the fact.

  • BTW I pulled a sweet sprocket rock barspin to fakie on a bank to rail

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Critical Mass in Birmingham

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