Bristol Hills

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  • Though it maight be a good idea to have a thread listing some of Bristol's killer hills and people's conquest's!My List so far...Park StreetSt Michaels HillHorfield RoadNine Tree Hill Jacob's Wells RoadBridge Valley RoadKennel Lodge Road (up through ashton ct)On the to do list...Marlborough Hill (possibly Bristol's steepest?)Rownham HillClifton Vale

  • Though it maight be a good idea to have a thread listing some of Bristol's killer hills and people's conquest's!

    My List so far...
    Park Street
    St Michaels Hill
    Horfield Road
    Nine Tree Hill
    Jacob's Wells Road
    Bridge Valley Road
    Kennel Lodge Road (up through ashton ct)

    On the to do list...
    Marlborough Hill (possibly Bristol's steepest?)
    Rownham Hill
    Clifton Vale

  • Vale Street in Totterdown is reputed to be the steepest residential street in Europe, with a near 45 degree section at the bottom:

    I live just near by and I've never even been down it on my fixed gear let alone up! I've never seen anyone ride up it on any sort of bike, if you're planning on attempting it give me a shout and I'll come and cheer you on!

  • clifton vale's not too bad, but i don't think i've ridden it on the fixed gear.

    constitution hill is a bitch.

  • malborough hill is well gnarly, brakeless and your a dead man.

  • hang on, are we talking down or up these hills? i assumed up

  • been up and down vale street. (only got up it by getting up speed going down the street that runs along the bottom, then turning sharply into it.)

    i'm sure it's really ingratiating to boast on your first post. hello.

  • @dAVid.criSps - Fair play!

    Was that fixed or geared?

  • yeah on the fixed. plenty front brake goin down mind!

  • nice. what gear?

  • Impressed you got up Vale street fixed!

    Granby Hill is another to add to the list - best done when its not too busy though as with all the parked cars and cars stopping to let others through it could be quite a challange to try and trackstand behind them halfway up :)

  • thanks! i managed it on 48x18. it's a total grind. you end up in the left gutter as there's quite a camber across the hill and you're going so slow (or at least i was) you can't really do anything about it.

    any route from hotwells up into clifton is pretty tough. if you want to make things even harder, there's a footpath that goes up, i think from polygon road. it's really narrow so you can't really weave around. great fun...

  • Dropped Redcatch Road today on my way to work, it's actually a pretty mighty hill, felt real nice --- as I've been meaning to do it for a while --- straight over the roundabout on St Johns Lane and a fast pace ride through Victoria park...wind in my hair et c. Super rad!

  • that vale street in totterdown is a beast, going down it in a car is scary too!
    i work on marlbrough hill and thats steep aswell, what about talbot hill? or allison road?

  • Found this off key hill when we were out yesterday!

    5050 crew reppin!

  • I must register over there - date is in the diary. Got to lose some poundage to improve the strength:weight ratio. Or I'll just spectate.

  • yeah same, i dont think im fit enought for that stuff haha.

  • do dont need to be fit for it, just up for it..

  • True - although if you're a smoker, best to save your first fag of the day until afterwards ;-)

  • Should be fun, even if you just plan on chilling you'll still want to be around when it all goes down. If you aren't interested in competing with others I recommend competing with yourself...just finishing and being involved is probably going to be enough for me but maybe I'll wind up taking it really seriously.

  • likewise - i fully expect to be DFL but thats half the fun :)
    which reminds me i must send an email to register

  • danb - don't be getting all cocky, if there's a wooden spoon to be won then it's got my name on it!

    *note to organisers - please get said spoon engraved "G-bitch - pitiful wanker"

  • noted....

    got be registered though...

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Bristol Hills

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