Great North Run Mega Assault

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  • So the plan is for all the Newcastle/North Easties to gather around next sunday morning (early) and ride the Great North Run course before the run starts. The course gets laid out the night before, and the run doesn't start until 10am Sunday morning (I think?) I'd say we arrive early, drink coffee and rum, beat out chests like primates and then ride the 13 mile course on our steeds, the roads will be closed so it'll be fun and fast. I have work at 11 in the morning so I may end up breaking off before the finish like a pussy but alas I can't say no to money.

    Hoping that there's a good few people that'll be up for this, me and Ricky will defiantly be doing it, think that two of my other mates will be up for it too. Comments, suggestions, ideas blah blah let me know who wants to do it, meet up point?? Fancy dress?


    Flickr Photo Download: Great North Run Route on Google Maps

  • Brilliant. I'm in.

    BTW this looks like it finishes very close to the 'velodrome'. Could be fun!­TF8&ll=54.994019,-1.408042&spn=0.003459,­0.011373&t=h&z=17

  • eh what the fuck is that?! never seen it before?

  • That's a bleedin brilliant idea. I'm in nottingham saturday night but already thinking if I leave by midnight, I can be in town with bike by half three. Presumably that's a bit too early - any thoughts on times? Well up for rum-fueled racing, I'll try and dig out my pirate hat.

  • araaaaite!! yeah mate dont worry, me and ricky are going to a mates birthday party on sat night so ill probably still be pissed in the morning. I think probably meet a little bit before 8ish??

  • eh what the fuck is that?! never seen it before?

    Its an old velodrome. Its a bit abandoned but its got proper banked sides and that. Not worth goin there especially but, if we're passing..

  • yeah I probs can get out of work
    should be fun
    ps I live right near the start so it is a potental meeting point I can provide rum and coffee.

  • ali give me a shout on the morning,
    ill come along for a play.

  • areet

  • i am up for this as well.

  • This should be awesome so long as I don't have MEGA-hangover from the saturday night !!

  • 6am monument!

  • errr HTFU and run the course?

  • lick my ballsweat

  • that where the small hand points down and the big up?
    i thought that was a time that only happened at evenings...

    ill be there

  • errr HTFU and run the course?

    ok I say we ride it ride back run it run back all before I start work at 10am
    who's in

  • Alreet, but if we're going to take the easy way out and only ride and run it twice each, we should at least do it in fancy dress to make it a bit challenging - suit of armour maybe?

  • Bet you're really glad you suggested this whole thing now ali...

  • so were all agreed then, turn up 6am in full drag high heels and all yeah.

  • Bet you're really glad you suggested this whole thing now ali...

    christ. im excited about it im just dubious as to how smooth it'll go. I think there'll still be quite a lot of people up and about, the pro runners start really early apparently. also its forcast to piss it down. we'll see.

  • My computer tells me its gonna be sunny! If there are loads of those running people there we can always start slightly further down the track..

    Although I don't think there will be many runners on the startling line 4 hours before the race.

  • if this is half as good as the guerilla marathon ride you boys are in for a treat:
    London Marathon Ride 2008 on Vimeo­7/sets/72157604523768031/

  • Aye, I'll be v surprised if there's anyone on the course by 6, even hardcore runners aren't that dedicated. Anyone got a camera by the way - compare and contrast with them london folk.

  • going to be awkward to get in for 6 but i will try my best

  • Don't forget your lights...

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Great North Run Mega Assault

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