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  • I was wondering which online mapping service people find best for planning cycle routes?

    Ive mostly just used google maps, but it seems flawed in the fact that you can only choose by car/walking.

    With the car route being unecessarily long, and the walking routes not identifying one-ways, pedestrian-only stairs/crossings/bridges etc.

    And also as quoted from google itself: "Use caution – This route may be missing sidewalks or pedestrian paths."

    Sometime there isnt even a pedestrian path, dead - ends and what not.

    So was wondering if im missing out on some better online mapping services? Or simply using them wrong?

  • really?

  • bikely.com?

  • bikely.com?

    I havent used it before, you have to make an account I think?

    Can you use it to make automatic routes like with standard googlemaps etc? But with bike relevant info added?

    Or is it just a service to view and share specific cycle routes created by users of the website?

  • Pocket A-Z is about all that works for me, find I tend to point my bike in the right direction and pull out the A-Z whenever I can't figure out where I am, ahppens a lot. I've tried the TFL rtrip planner but find it leaves a bit to be desired.

  • Dude.. I am the worst navigator on this forum. You don't think I actually use maps do you? That'd be way to risky.. space time continuum might loop back on itself and swallow the universe or some shit.
    How about you sign up and play around with it. Then you will know how it works and can share your bikely routes with the forum.

  • Not sure the pocket a-z reaches to Cambridge, Brighton .......

  • http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/

    you can drag out your own routes.

    if your worried about one ways etc use an a to z to work out where they are (hard black line on the side of direction of traffic).

  • ^ there are a to z's for all kinds of cities now. Outside of that large scale road maps are generally enough surely. Or just get an OS.

  • Bringing this thread back to ask: Has anyone signed this yet?

    Google Maps 'Bike There' Feature Request

    It would rock.

  • Chuck Norris uses Google Earth for his training rides...

  • I mostly use ridewithgps.com

    Anyone used https://www.komoot.com/ and care to share opinions?

  • I had a quick look but uninstalled it without using it as it seemed to have a fair few flaws.

    Maps were pricey, you get one region free but regions were pretty small. From looking at London they didn't seem any better than OSM maps (probably where they came from).

    Postcode search didn't seem to work properly, it gave similar postcodes, places in Canada with a name similar to the posctode, etc. Didn't give the actual postcode (same with a few postcodes I tried).

    So far as I could tell you could only set up a new destination/route when you have mobile connection. No on-the-fly destinations whilst offline.

    At that point I decided I couldn't be bothered exploring further.

  • That's further than I got. You have to sign up to even look at their maps, at which point I went, "fuck it, rwgps got me 4000k across Europe".

  • Bumping this, am trying komoot out and have recorded a ride which I would like to edit as I took a few wrong turns. Can't figure out how in the app, anyone know? @Hulsroy I think you're using it?

  • Yeah I am recording stuff, but actually taking a break from it as I can't decide whether to pay for it or not. I have used it as audio turn by turn in my headphones and it has been great. But to continue that they want me to pay. I am currently not needing to explore anything or needing to plan routes as I am a bit stationary at the moment.
    I think once you pay you can edit more.

    My overall view on it is that it seems great and is a lot more about exploring than KOMs which I like.

    I use in combination with RidewithGPS. I guess you could download your route fro. Komoot, upload to RidewithGPS and then edit there? And then re-upload to Komoot.

  • I am a bit stationary at the moment.

    Don't worry you'll be back on your knees in a few years 😉

    Thanks for the ride with gps tip, will give it a go.

  • Used RWGPS on the phone this past week to make and ride some routes. It's the first time I've properly used its routing on the phone and it wasn't as shit as I thought from earlier attempts.


  • RideWithGPS is so much nicer now, especially with the paid feature that includes the OSM Cycles map that allow me to see alternative route easily and the heatmap.

    Komoot is OK, it felt quite limited, like it show you snippet of route, but doesn't really show a lots of other's route.

  • I agree with this, mapped a ride using Komoot a few weeks back and some of the “ai/user” generated paths were blocked off/private land that wasn’t accessible! Much prefer rwgps for mapping

  • Komoot tells you this though. It will say 'cycling is forbidden' on xx mi to xx mi.

    Plus what Komoot offers for free with AI/User data, RWGPS charges for it.

  • You’re joking me! Haha well that explains that then, user error on my behalf, Komoot goes up in my books then. My annoyance at the time I had sworn never to use it again.

  • I have found these free Web-based tools to be very useful.

    The online Brouter mapping and planning tool is nice. It utilises OpenStreetMap.

    In addition, I like the Simple GPX web tool to reduce the number of trackpoints (based on accuracy chosen) and remove bloat, split routes, etc.

  • I quite like Komoot for the way you can specify the different types of riding and it comes up with different routing for each - have used that and then transposed to RWGPS a few times!

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Which online mapping is best? RideWithGPS Komoot Strava MapMyRide

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