• Went for a spin this morning on a B road I used to ride all the time, now it's just series of connected potholes - which is quite laughable given the councils spending huge wodges on posh sandstone pedestrian areas. I managed to rotate the bars and loosen the headset with one big wallop. The air was blue. Bolton roads are shite, my ex contends its the fact its pissing down all the time. I'm running 100psi in a pair of 25mm conti's, so surely thats about right for a 14st bloke.

  • A little high but ok.

    90psi would be fine.

    Plus, torque wench everything!

  • Just got an email that one of mine was fixed...
    10 Oct 2015, -- Added to Database -- Reporter
    10 Oct 2015, -- Reported -- CTC
    19 Dec 2017, -- Fixed -- Highway authority

  • Scratch that. I just got 5 emails saying hazards have been fixed. I'm pretty sure they were quicker than 3 years so maybe FTH has only just enabled emails again or something?

    -- 02 Jan 2014, -- Added to Database -- Reporter
    -- 02 Jan 2014, -- Reported -- CTC
    -- 19 Dec 2017, -- Fixed -- Highway authority

  • Xmas purge, close off some cases to look like a good year at work.

  • A 2013 came in as well.

    I guess I should now report the entire new batch that have opened up all over the place.

    Good to see they've totally filled in the one the nearly killed me.

  • Gower street is getting worse and I'm sure I could fit a whole wheel in a couple of the ones on walworth Road heading south.

  • Have you reported it?

  • I reported it to my mum last night and she gave me a few safety tips and I also just filled in the online form for a couple. I'm a good lad.

  • Good stuff. The people report them the sooner they are fixed and/or more likely someone who does crash because of them can claim against the council.

    I wish they'd do proper repairs instead of the endless patching of the same holes.

  • https://www.fillthathole.org.uk/hazards/­report

    Reported one on SW corner of Shep Bush Green

  • That one has been fixed ^

    Reported another one that's in the far right lane westbound.

  • They've just moved it.

  • Nice idea, strapping cameras onto fleet vehicles. It's the fixing that seems to be the issue though. I've reported massive, dangerous potholes in the Chilterns 5 years ago and seen nothing done about them.

  • Programme right now on BBC Radio 5 about cyclists and potholes

  • Saw pothole, took pic. Went to Greenwich Council website assuming it's their responsibility. Clicked on map, informed TfL are responsible.
    Reported pothole on TfL website. Got automated response.
    Next day: personal response saying that they're getting someone out to fix it.
    Two days later: fixed.
    Pretty impressed really. It was the A2 though, and it was a bloody deep hole. Hopefully saved someone's rim from disintegrating.

  • Saw this on the ads just now while watching the American football


  • A fairly big pothole:


    Hyperbolic reporting as usual, to make people click:

    bin lorry was swallowed up by the hole

    Hardly, if you look at the pictures. Its rear wheels were stuck a little.

    Good typo corner, though:

    Traffic was diverted around Kensington Church Street after the bin lorry was swallowed up by the hole, believed to be caused by an underwater river.

  • Looks like the dustcart was saved by the bin lifting mechanism,
    which grounded out before the rear wheels could collapse any more of the road surface
    above the underwater river.

  • Well up here colas the prefared council repair menders created shed loads of faulty crush and run top dressings and didnt render the surfaces underneath. Council fell out with them over a scandal fraud . Holes getting bigger but you can not see them as the street lights dont work because ........

  • Are they turning him into a paste to fill some holes? That's the only useful thing he could achieve.

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Fill that hole: Report pothole hazards on your routes - fix potholes

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