Fill that hole: Report pothole hazards on your routes - fix potholes

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  • AWESOME! but does this actually work? I think I could spend an hour filling that page easily, great find.

  • Yep I have had some results from the reports I have made so far, one that got 'filled' really badly so I re-did it and it finally got done properly earlier this year. make sure you take photos if possible and be really clear and accurate about exactly what is wrong.

  • It asks for approximate length... How long is Oxford Street?

  • Takes far too long to fill out.

    I entered a tester­119

    It near enough knocks my teeth out if I don't hop it.

  • @Ant. Time is money eh.
    @Soul Yep! that's when it gets quite bad, whole stretches that basically need totally resurfacing. I reckon if they recieved lots of complaints about whole roads then maybe something will be done. I have reported entire roads.

  • @Skully. People are lazy and if you make things too difficult/arduous they wont get used to their potential.

  • similar website =

  • Blame the ctc not me ;)

  • I'm not, just trying to be polite despite your snide post ;)

  • Skully - great thread. If you asked people to geotag the damage to their deep vs / open pros it could be a winner on here.

  • CTC sent me a mail saying it had ben passed on to the authorities.

  • Surely there isn't enough space on the interwebs to store the details of ALL the potholes and other shit finishes on London's streets! Next time my emails at work are down I'll know why.

    Cheers for that Skully. This should at least stop me from bitching about London's roads for a day or two. That's not a guarantee though.

  • I think this did the rounds a couple of years ago. I did use it, and the hole was filled in, but it took months and probably had nothing to do with my report.

    The site ended up having so many hole fill requests that it ended up running stupidly slow.

  • Some of the worst roads I know are on my patch, there seems to be no money for resurfacing in Liverpool, yet...

    A few months back I thought I'd give it a try anyway and within two weeks 2 out of 3 holes I reported were filled. Big suprise and big grins, it worked for me.

  • yeehaw! It can work.

    If the site was inundated with reports it wouldn't be a bad thing.

    @Ant: sorry if I appeared snide. I am not pleased with myself to be thought of as such. Good on you for giving it a go. Maybe something will happen about your report.

    @sam: Yeah its been there a while. But it doesn't hurt to repost it here (I have mentioned it plenty of times on other threads already). I think something might get done if lots of people complain about the same fault. Just because it took a long time for something to be done, doesn't mean your complaint was in vain.

  • Skully no harm done, I didn't know your intentions so just was polite.

    I'm about to embark on the mamouth task of reporting every issue in Westferry Road E14. Should take a month or two.

  • Adelaide Rd down to Chalk Farm Tube is a bit treacherous.

  • Yep that's nasty to drive down let alone cycle.

    Report it!

  • Bump

    Please don't forget to complain about the state of your roads! Anyone notice how bad things have been since the snow this spring?! Some of the holes on High Holborn on my commute are shocking, I am currently weaving around them, wizard-like.

  • @Ant how's West ferry road looking?

  • I reported a few beauties the other week. Mostly the road falling away around large manhole covers. Some shovel monkey came along and repaired them within a couple of days. You'd think I'd be pleased, but no. The idiots actually put the tarmac over the manhole covers and they've already started coming apart.

    BTW I was told that if you report a hole and it's not repaired and then someone has an accident, then the council is f*cked, as they usually take the stance of "we didn't know about it" if anybody makes a claim.

  • Report them to TfL or your Borough. TfL will pass them on to the appropriate Borough.

    TfL Street Management manages red routes in London, and the London boroughs look after the other streets in their area. When you report a fault we will decide whose responsibility it is and tell whoever manages the road within 12 hours

    If you report a fault on a red route that is our responsibility, we will prioritise the work to remedy it depending on how urgent it is. If the fault is on another road, we will notify the organisation responsible.

    And this was in the news yesterday!

  • "shovel monkey"? WTF.

  • can we report every foot of every road in london please.

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Fill that hole: Report pothole hazards on your routes - fix potholes

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