Spotted in Bristol...

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  • where? are there many fixie skidders in the area?

  • Seeing as the rest of the Bristol subform has died does anyone want to give me a top five list of places to ride round if i was in Bristol / Bath for a weekend? We're there between 02-06.02.17.

    Any local tips much appreciated. Hear its hilly...50:12 might be inappropriate.

  • Hit up Das Rad Klub. If you don't mind a 30-40 miler out into the country the Saturday Klub ride is a good one. It's pretty hilly whichever way you go out of town, nothing too long, but steep in places.

  • Cheddar Gorge (70k), Chew Vally Lake (35k), and Clevedon (flattish 50k) are popular routes.

  • Just wanted to mention a campsite for cyclists in Bristol - about 20 mins. ride from Temple Meads ( pretty central ). It's really small but has a couple of 'glamping' units if you want a bit of comfort. It's got loads of character as has it's owner.
    It's called Ennywevers - in Boiling Wells Lane ( St. Werburghs ) . I stayed there for a few months a couple of years ago and would recommend if ever you're down that way.

  • @matisse at Full Court Press

  • Mat, working? But he’s such a lazy, lazy man!

  • Says the freelancer.......:)

  • The poor man was having to deal with inquisitive customer again today.

  • Work days are definitely my days off since we decided to have a second child.

  • “Have you got vanilla syrup?”

  • He closed the shop and flounced at that point.

  • Sparkly red NJS-ish track bike with flat bars on the bike path around lunchtime?

    I followed for a bit, then rudely overtook without so much as a 'DAS' because I was distracted trying to do hard sums in my head!

  • Silver surly, fluoro bag just went up and then back down whiteladies

  • Some guy on the centre go to lean on a lamppost to check his phone, slips down and only manages to get one foot out of the straps and slips the whole way to the floor, before getting up and struggling to free his other foot... Ah we've all been there in some way or another, clipless or straps...

  • Brakless fixie with a labradoodle in a backpack. That's some lifegoals shit right there.

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  • I need to persuade my cockapoo to sit in my Rando bag. 13kg of dog strapped to your back can't be comfy for either party. I'm not far away from converting front end into a dog carrying machine.

  • Someone vaguely #onhere riding something that looked ratty and fun complimented my Donohue this morning, around whiteladies.

    Lack of coffee made me take ages to respond. Sorry and cheers!

  • Bright pink fixed wheel biek with footstraps near the create centre this afternoon. I was teaching new cycling instructors down there.

  • I passed a big group of people on bikes in hi viz in castle park earlier and wondered if that was cycle training of some sort. Not you was it?

  • On a Brompton? That was me!

  • Red fixed Specialized with red curryer bag bottom of park st.

    Grey fixed cinelli w grey bag somewhere else

  • Too many cyclists in my field of vision to spot individual bikes, but 'hi' if it was you.
    Dark red Donohue track and black crosscheck was us.

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Spotted in Bristol...

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