Spotted in Bristol...

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  • I wear a combination of what I like and what I have to wear to work, to be honest. Staff get 50% discount at American Apperal. We really can't even begin to complain.
    We're allowed to keep our bikes in-store, actually, which is a real plus, as you must understand.

  • yer, a mate of mine called joe used to work with you guys and he got me a fine selection of garms for half price which i was stoked with, then he dropped out of uni and moved back home!

    yer a definate plus that is no worries there i guess.

  • Any part time jobs going down at american aparrel?

  • haha i just asked that on the facebook group blankface, i have a wealth retail experience

  • ..last time I heard anything about job opportunities, yes, we were looking for staff...I'm not in work until late Tuesday evening now, so...I can only recommend popping in and asking a member of staff at the cash desk, someone in managment is usually only a radio away.

  • Oh well.. It was just the discount that appealed to me.
    I might stick with my current job.. 50% off bike parts is always nice..
    Might pop down to AA soonish though

  • Saw the road close up this morning as I slipped on a patch of ice on the way to work! Put a hole in my jacket but otherwise no damage done! Take it easy out there!

  • Same here, also wiped out on ice this morning... don't think anyone saw!

  • I had an audience...

  • Ha Ha, me too, Kingsdown was hella slippy. Did a very slow pootle down into town. Thankfully no audience.

  • Kingsdown was hella slippy.

    Aye - I live in kingsdown. Luckily i I just fell on my arse walking, not off a bike =]
    black ice all over the shop

  • I'll be taking a bus route to town until further notice.

  • Spotted a lovely looking fixed chained up outside sainsburys last night around 7.30. It was white and had a 50-50 sticker on the lock. Very nice indeed!

  • Thats my mates whip.. hes a bit of a hipster.

  • Saw a chap on a rather nice white bike trackstanding his socks off next to me at the lights by the arches! I was on my big muddy bike for a change! I think he spotted my eBay deal of a campag hat!

  • Nice yellow Bob Jackson outside Herman Dune last night, anyone on here?

  • phew.. spotted alot today.
    spotted a black fixed wheel being wheeled along outside the odeon in the afternoon at some point, not sure when. I have a suspicion it was Ned's off the forum, I recognized ya face from your avatar, was in a bit of a hurry though!

    spotted outside a pub on the gloucester road, fixed wheel white/flouro yellow/purple (possibly)

    and then further down the gloucesrer road spotted two guys standing on the corner with fixed wheels, one of them silver/chrome. they had a good like at mine as I rode past.

    continously seeing this dude with a singlespeed and one front brake riding up the gloucester road too - WTF.

  • singlespeed and only front brake? when will people learn..

  • oh yea and i saw someone yesterday on an old red conversion riding up whiteladies road. he looked like he was about 14 years old. real fresh faced. though if anyone take offence to that, i didnt have my glasses on so it was a blurry picture.

  • Spotted another unipack in Broadmead while I was on my lunchbreak... I don't feel so alone now!

  • eek, they're cloning...

  • continously seeing this dude with a singlespeed and one front brake riding up the gloucester road too - WTF.[/quote]

    Would this be a Falcon Team banana per chance? If so it's a friend of mine and he says he likes the simplicity and stripped down nature... Horses for courses I reckon. Still nowhere near as bad as fixed brakeless without toe clips!!!

  • Fair enough but if he likes the "stripped down nature" why doesnt he just get a fixed wheel and just the front brake, this would be ALOT safer.
    And he would stop being laballed as a fixed gear wannabe

  • Ok that last post was probably a bit vicious
    I Don't want to turn this into a debate but surely a single rear brake would be more effective? not in immediate stopping but around corners etc..

  • Spotted at Cabot Circus... chap on a Charge Plug chatted for a bit, he mentioned he and a few others were organising something at the cube for the 27th January, art, couple of films and some other stuff. Sounds pretty cool. I'll post a copy of the flyer sometime.

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Spotted in Bristol...

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