Spotted in Bristol...

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  • thread title hijack on a local tip...

    yesterday, someone on a pink bike, green or blue deep v's by the triangle going up whiteladies road. three young guns on conversions ( one a peugeot , maybe ss not fixed) by shiners on church road. aiden outside sainsburys.

    today, midday, a guy on a white dolan track, timbuk2 bag, glos road crossing on the green man opposite maplins. (i was too tired to bother talking). about half 5 pm, a guy leaving rolls royce on a red steel bike, too far away to see proper.

    where the fuck do these people come from and who are they??

  • no idea, not seen any of them, and it's not me.

  • saw my first arrowspok in bristol last night. first unipack, then this... anyway, three lads up the glos road near the golden lion, the one at the front, dark bike, black front arrow.

    morning magnus. whats your bike look like so i know if i see it?

  • If it was a black Arrospok on a frame with a neon fade (can't remember what colours or make!) it could be a guy I know through skating called Phil. It's a nice bike but last time I saw him he showed me a pretty scary death-crack on the seattube!

  • [FONT=Tms Rmn]

    I'm a new member to this forum although I have been reading with interest for about a year which is when I started to build up my fixed conversion a couple of my friends have also built up conversions but are still riding SS for the time being.
    I regularly see a few heads ploughing up Gloucester Rd each day. This morning I was behind a guy on an all black bike with Rapha cap-pink stripe. He pulled out of Ashley Rd and went up Glos Rd. I also met Aidan from Fixed Bristol after the Bristol-Bath path protest.

    Now there seems to be a few of us about perhaps it would be could to meet for a ride or a beer -the Mud Dock Rollapaluza could be a good event to meet at?

    Anyway, I'm not one of the bikes listed above but did cross Whiteladies yesterday evening - hope to see you around.

    p.s what's happened to this font?!!

  • i've got a few bikes, but only one fixed. pink rims and bar tape, black frame. say hello if you see me... i'm normally round whiteladies. hoping to get along to the raollapaluza at mud dock too

  • about half 5 pm, a guy leaving rolls royce on a red steel bike, too far away to see proper.

    where the fuck do these people come from and who are they??

    Think the guy leaving RR is called Patrick, lives round the corner from me. Very nice bike.

  • Now there seems to be a few of us about perhaps it would be could to meet for a ride or a beer -the Mud Dock Rollapaluza could be a good event to meet at?

    yes and yes. i have been super busy for a while and will be for another few weeks but im definately up for this.

    on a side note, im going here tomorrow­etail.asp?SessionID=E9C423D3785843AF8158­773E7291F960&cn=1&ci=15&ln=1&fi=8125

    anyone else fancy it? all are welcome.

  • I'm up for the Rollapalooza for sure - want to see what it's all about.
    I think I've met the guy with the Red SS - I work at Rolls-Royce and ride with the white Deep Vs and the camo-ed saddle.
    Also saw a brand new '08 Langster in my bike shed - whoever bought it went straight to fixed, but rides with 2 brakes - any ideas?

  • Seen a guy bombing down colston street on a purple/white framed fixed wheel(i think)
    one of those frames where the colours fade into eachother.
    possibly bit of pink there too.
    saw someone else on st. michaels hill with a generaic looking red frame and a courier bag

  • Spotted Sunday afternoon, down by the water between all the festival crap and the Bristol Beer Factory boat... 2 lads; one Bianchi Pista with red keirin grips, and an emerald green conversion with white grips on risers and white hubs (nice touch).

    I was walking with a girl and no bike...

    Also saw a wicked Peugeot rocking the rat-look.

    That's about as many Bristol fixed bikes as I saw in a year in 2005.

  • i think that's MORE than i saw down here in 2005

  • Spotted last night 8.10-8.20 riding up park street three guys on fixed gear bikes, 2 made it to the top one did not, all spotted withing a few minutes of eachother??!!#1 - black frame, skinny jeams, beany, looking quite stealth.#2 - skinny jeans VERY shiny mini D lock (possibly accesorised with dimante!)#3 - again skinny jeans... strong start but had to bail halfway.Never seen so many Bristol FG's in such a short space of time.Ollie

  • Saw a happy looking chap practising backwards circles in the sunshine near the SS Great Britain sunday afternoon! What a lovely weekend it was too!

  • like i said. who the fuck are these people? is this the new student influx i wonder. since 2005, i knew 2 fixed riders, and the total i'd seen until about feb this year was 4. now i see then all over, madness. bad luck to mr skinny jeans who didnt make it up the hill. ha ha. sometimes i like to ride super slow to about half way up then speed up, or sometimes i like to gun it the whole way. or maybe even walk up it on the sunny side to admire the pretty people...

  • Blankface - That sounds like me! I'm on a Raleigh conversion in a purple-silver fade. I went to the Bristol Bike Workshop a few times lately which is at the top of Colston Street.

    Next time holler at me!

  • What a lovely weekend it was too!

    A weekend when it just makes all the sense to screw around on a bike, see some friends, potter some more then ride a bit!!!

  • exactly what i did!

  • Spotted @ Bristol temple meads, 7.50am platform 5, no skinny jeans this time!

  • some guy buying tyres at fred baker cycles today i was outside changing a tube. anyone? purple green with drops?

  • 2 spots yesterday, purple silver fade, possibly Ward-a-Mercy 'bout 5.30 at crossing near Baldwin St, pointed at you as me and the guy I was with were talking about the proliferation of fixed gears in Bristol and then saw another one! Someone, unseen bike, fighting with his bike down Park St at about 2245. nice work.

  • might have to do a names and faces to bikes thread title hijack soon too..

  • A very good idea!

  • Park St at about 2245

    what were you doing still awake? that's way past your bedtime

  • 6.30ish outside Colston Hall

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Spotted in Bristol...

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