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  • I deleted the app (and twitter, insta and linkedin) off my phone a couple of months ago.

    I just got hacked off with wasting time I could be reading/listening to music/looking out of the window scrolling though endless banal lifestyle humblebrags from a parade of acquaintances. Think I stuck with it for so long because I told myself that I wanted to stay in contact with my friends but the reality of it is that being connected on facebook isn't meaningful contact in any sense. I think since I got off it I've actually been making more of an effort to get in contact with real friends.

    I'll keep my account in case I decide to go back at some point but right now I'm happy to be free of the hamster wheel of prossecco selfies and updates on people's work trip hotel situation.

    How did this pan out?

    I'm seriously considering binning Facebook and Twitter - Twitter I hardly use anyway, Facebook I have an 'artist' page for my music, but I don't really get much engagement, and rarely post anything anyway - I think I'd be better off spending more time curating a proper musical presence on Bandcamp and building up a mailing list

    I still can't quite bring myself to actually delete rather than de-activate, but then with de-activation the temptation to log back in and have a peek is always there....

    I just really don't like the way social media is going - pernicious, anti-liberalism, authoritarian....

  • Anyone getting this error? I can't reply to folks commenting on stuff I post including event arrangements. I haven't removed the content & others can still post. Makes me look to be ignoring folks!

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  • I've just binned the FB and Instagram apps...

    So I'll be on here a bit more often than usual...

  • You can still get me on Messenger tho'... Don't panic...

  • I've been off Facearse for about 5-6 weeks now. Deactivated. May well delete. I miss a few groups for music, don't miss the rest

    Twitter is fucking shit though have to say

  • ‘not very good at Twitter’ is the vibe I’m getting here : )

    (finally dumped it a couple of years ago - much happier with zero social media time and bandwidth suckage in my life)

  • Twitter is garbage. It's profit model seems to rely on Nazis. It shouldn't exist.

    I'm really desperate to bin Facebook but I've got some active family groups which I'd be cutting myself out of

  • A very pleasant but utterly clueless woman I used to work with posted an actual Auschwitz selfie on Insta at the weekend.

  • What about email? Answer your emails!

  • Twitter was the first to go - it was just making me depressed. I stopped looking at Facebook a couple of years ago but my account can still be used. Trying to get off instagram but failing somewhat as it knows what I like.

    Goddammit, dopamine.

  • ‘not very good at Twitter’ is the vibe I’m getting here : )

    Maybe I'm not....neither is anyone else though it seems!

  • You sent an email?

    Just binned FB again... And Messenger... Determined to make it stick, it makes me unhappy... I see posts from people I love who are 12,000 miles away and from people I don't give a flying fuck about who live down the road... Better off without!

  • I want to bin off fb only both the sports clubs I'm involved with do everything via it, I guess a huge cull to only leave those pages of interest may work?

  • ^ Yep the only thing I use FB for now is my cycling club comms and Facebook marketplace - Loads of guitar bargains on there.

  • Loads of guitar bargains on there.

    Shut up!!! 😭😂

  • Hah

  • Well done!

    Everyone should get off F******* and get back on this here forum (not that TS has ever been away). :)

  • I never signed up on F*******...

  • Did you "unfriend" folks etc?

  • Nah, I just only click on the 'Groups' and 'Marketplace' tabs now :)

  • Cool, ta.

  • Just deleted my account...

    Popped back on briefly yesterday to check messages, there was a memory of my old mate Wiggy's passing, made me a bit teary so I shared it again... Hopefully that's my swansong... Annoying that it takes 30 days to stick...

  • I’m on the verge man. I get nothing from it and I don’t contribute much more.

  • I get nothing from it

    It gets plenty from you, and sells it to criminals.

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