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  • seriously - look at this mug:

  • I Dont Get It?????

  • ah!

  • I'm working on my mate's machine atm, so his FB profile just came up... Hehehehe....

  • Very funny.

  • Oi! That's me you cheeky fucker.

  • Thats really strange, archies grobags came up not my profile. Am sure it would have been funny other wise.

  • Excellent!

  • I don't have facebook so this doesn't work. In your face.

  • ha ha nice one mate

  • seriously that's my facebook photo!!! What's going on, eh? is this a telly show? what's going on?

  • oh i geddit, we all have our facebook photos pop up, i'm not the centre of the universe after all. damn.

  • hehe....that's creepy.

    how's this done? messing with my cookies?

  • I want to know how it works now - does that make me a geek?

  • you and me both andy

  • good eh? i need to check my pm's - i might have a death threat!

  • how do you know Nick Rhodes btw?

  • Er that is actually me.

    Edit: Haha... my colleague just explained it. My photo is really dark so it would have made sense... I gave the finger to my ex taking a photo as my dad blew out the candles on his birthday cake...

  • very clever.

  • why when i open the thread does rays pic pop up

  • Yeh ray comes up on mine too....

  • excellent work!

  • lol thats very very good

  • **DAMN **i'm on andy's computer (FGL)

    sorry about that

    very clever

  • fooled the shit out of me

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