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  • I've had luck filing down a convex vbrake washer with a half moon file when I need a washer to match a tube, you could probably do the same with a random bit of metal if it needs to be bigger.

  • Any recommendations for commuting helmet light, mainly so that car drivers can see me. Been cut across twice in 2 days, both times car drivers are diving for car parking space. Once in the evening and today first thing in the morning. Utter *****.

  • I use a lezyne one which I don't think they make any more. Think the exposure link will do a similar job.

  • Cheers

  • I've always wondered what having a light attached to your helmet by some lumps of plastic means if you crash. Do they come off easily?

  • My lezyne one (Macro duo, I think) just pops in an out of a clamp. I've binned it once with it on and it stayed on (I think, was a bit dazed)

  • would a helmet light make that much of a difference?
    what front light do you currently use and where is it mounted?

  • Helmet light really does help, I think. A) it's above the level of most cars so is more easily seen than a handlebar light, and B) you can instinctively point it directly at the faces of drivers waiting in side roads to pull out into your path/you.

  • fair enough i guess.
    i had the misfortune of riding towards a couple of MTB bro's recently who both had super bright helmet lights on. pretty blinding when they get shone in your eyes. kind of put me off a bit.
    i do ride with a rear light on the back of my helmet but appreciate that wouldn't really help with oncoming traffic.

  • I was so shocked after the past 2 days (i was OP - hadn't logged in) - car drivers who couldn't give a ****, and I'm well lit/ with bright gear, I'm not taking any chances. Had a helmet mount 5 years ago and took it off because it was too heavy, but decided that it's Def Con 1 from now on. Todays incident was particularly hairy as it was bright /clear/ no traffic on either side and this **** still managed to clip my back wheel. Basically he either didn't see me (How????????? too busy trying to grab his parking space) or didn't give a fuck. Sprung for an Exposure Daybright as soon as I got the tip/ did some research.

  • Yeah, that's a pain. I don't keep it superbright usually on the lowest/ second lowest setting.

  • I was more wondering if they'll cause injury when you come off. Stab you in the head or twist your neck as they catch on the ground or something.

  • If you’re hitting the top of your head where a light would be mounted then you’re normally in big trouble already. There could be the unfortunate situation where you’re sliding and the light catches on some street furniture. In this case, yes, the extra mount will likely increase the torque on your neck.

  • The Exposure Link has a plastic helmet binding that I originally thought was not secure enough, now I'm convinced it's a good idea as appears as though it will snap pretty readily in an impact.

  • Is there a good front light with a road beam (i.e. dipped, not bleeding up so much) that can mount upsidedown (on the underside of an out front GPS mount).

    Close to an Exposure Trace but i think it has a regular torch beam

  • CatEye GVOLT70.1? There don't seem to be very many, but for that beamshape try searching for StVZO

  • Thanks @aglet & @sohi will take a look


    I have an earlier version and you can unscrew and change the dipped lens around for upside down mounting. I like that it uses an 18640 batter so you can have some spare/put in a new one if battery degrades.

    Having just read review it seems the earlier versions v1 or v2 may have better beam profile for you? I think they are still available. I use the v1 with the new ald10? GoPro mount adapter

  • Have you used the upside down mount there? I was thinking of making something like that for the ravemen pr1200 I have, not sure how bad the vibrations would get on something like that though.

  • No, I don't have that one but I use a Magicshine light upside down on a Garmin mount. It works on the original plastic Garmin mount but one from Halfords and another one from Ebay were both too soft and the light flexed all over the place.

  • Compact, cheap, waterproof, not automated, seat post mounted, low profile rear light with a usb-c charging port.

    Of course can just pull something off the shelf and get by, but prefer recommendations for something that well designed.

  • Any Sirius MK9 (or similar Exposure lights) users? How do they function in the cold? My current (old) Moon Comet is fine in normal tempratures but loses battery power really quickly in the cold. Is this something that Exposure lights have an issue with?

  • anybody know of any best bang for your buck light deals? ideally for commuting and long distance trips on weekends.

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