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  • Cool, well you will still need the go pro mount under your Garmin mount but if you have that, I have one of these brand new that I bought without reading the description and left it too late to return­ories/cameras/exposure-helmet-light-clip­gopro-mount__127185
    I actually got it from Condor but same thing.
    If you want it for postage

  • Very kind of you, yes please! Will PM

  • I can see a few orders for lights from them (Q-Lite from 2006 anyone?) but not the little blinkies I'm thinking of.

  • Found them!

    They are 'newer' than I thought. Guess I bought them for the 24hr TT in 2012 (presumably for identifying lighting, not actual visibility lighting) and they came from Ribble. They're called "Backupz".

    Electron Backupz White LED Front Light / Keyring

    £4.98   £4.98   £1.24   £3.74

  • And they weigh 0g!

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  • Yep

    They must use the same scales I do for Zwift...

  • This is all super helpful info and definitely points I have not considered or even thought of considering.

    I would image that I don't what maladjusted focus for a few hours either.

    Beam patterns isn't something I know about and I'll take this in to consideration.

  • Is there a 'best' Exposure rear light? I'd like to go for either the Blaze Reakt or the Boost R Reakt as they seem to be the best, but that's just based off pricing and the amount of acronyms in the title.

    Will be used entirely for road riding.

  • Not much difference between the two. If I had to buy again I would get the new Boost R. I hate the mount that the Blaze uses. On rough surfaces/potholes the light hits your seat post. I glued a piece of inner tube on the light to cushion it.

    I used the Reakt mode for a few weeks but turned it off as I prefer the longer battery life. Have never used the peleton mode.

  • Blaze

    We've used it for most of the audaxes we've done this year. Don't use Reakt or any of the extra features, just blinky mode. It's been solid (helps if you know how the mode setting works).

    Not had farewell's issue with seatpost bumping thing. Guess it depends on the post. We've used it on normal 27.2 posts and it's currently on my mountain bike, around the actual seattube rather than the dropper post (for obvious reasons).

  • I'd probably get the new BoostR but without the reakt stuff. Run time must be about the same between both.

  • Is the Reakt stuff not worth the added cost?

  • Lovely, thanks. I've got a see sense at the moment, and quite like the fact it changes when I'm braking. Only issue is that it's not really visible when it's sunny outside.

  • I don't really see the point in dimming the rear light due to braking. I want that thing blasting driver retinas 24hr/day. It's not like they slow down for cyclists anyway.

    It makes more sense if you're doing bunch rides, then having it dim when there's someone on your wheel makes a lot more sense - it's too bright for group rides.

  • Ah, the see sense goes from blinking to bright & solid when you brake, much like a car brake light. That's what i'm talking about, i thought the Blaze did the same thing. I agree, can't really see much point in dimming the light when you brake, would rather be drawing attention to myself when i'm changing speed

  • Oh yeah, maybe it goes brighter or something. There's two special features and I think it's one or the other. Maybe I'm thinking of the Peloton mode where it dims when it detects something behind. I'd need to read the manual again.

  • "The ReAKT setting also adjusts the brightness of the light depending on the conditions. In bright sunlight, it gets noticeably brighter, giving more contrast for better visibility. Does it improve your safety while riding? I'm not sure, but it's great to have when heavy clouds break to reveal bright sunshine.

    The Peloton mode is the new feature here and it's focused on group riding. The Blaze will sense when another rider is positioned on your wheel by reacting to the increased brightness of their front light and dimming. It does work, but it's dependent on all the riders having lights. As a result, I was selective about when I used Peloton."

  • Essentially, I didn't want anything changing. I want it to blink brightly all the time and I wanted to know what the runtime was going to be.

  • Is the Reakt stuff not worth the added cost?

    Consider me a luddite and what hippy said, prefer to set it and leave it and know the run time. Will turn it off blinking mode and point down more for group rides (don't do many). Perhaps Peloton mode would be more social of me on the busy parts of the commute.

  • If we ever rode with groups I'd use a different light. Missus has one of my old Lezyne Strip/Pro Drive as a backup and they can be set much more friendly for bunch rides.

  • Can anyone comment if there’s much difference between the Exposure Flare and something like their Blaze for daytime use?

    I’ve got a Flare (with a new battery) but to my eye – it doesn’t look “daybright”. My understanding is that the Flare is 75 lumens which doesn’t seem far off the Blaze at 80 lumens which is advertised as daybright. Thanks in advance.

  • solid when you brake, much like a car brake light.

    Car drivers don't expect a cyclist to have a brake light so I always thought the Reakt mode was pointless. A car driver is unlikely to connect a cyclists rear light getting brighter/going solid with "that cyclists is braking". So many people ride with rear lights doing all sorts of flashing patterns.

    As @hippy said, I also prefer mine to be in daybright mode all the time with the longest battery life.

  • I run mine on a steady light with the brake boost enabled on my commutes as the run time gets me to work and back for a couple of days. I figure that as you say drivers don’t expect a bike to have a brake light so think I’m a moped or a motorcycle, I also have my strada on steady as well. On country lanes I seem to get more respex/room than flashy flashy.

  • True, but i'd argue any change in flashing sequence is likely to draw your eye/make you more visible. I've certainly found that to be the case when driving behind someone

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