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  • Thanks all

    I need it to see as I start in the dark from early fall on

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  • I use this one from Halfords which has been surprisingly reliable and works well mounted under my out-front stem mount­cessories/bike-lights/halfords-advanced-­1600-lumen-front-bike-light-253334.html

  • Did you end up buying an Exposure light? Have also been looking at the Strada or Race.

  • I read some reviews and finally went for cateye gvolt 70.1 (not to be confused with 70 without .1)

    Its very light and the battery lasts 5-6h

    Disadvantages are that the light pattern is not the best and you cannot switch between different modes. Its only on/off

    Can be mounted with gopro though

    Price 60-80€

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  • Sirius is generally for being seen but can still light up the road.

    I use this under my wahoo as a backup for my dynamo light on my audax bike. For its size it is an excellent light and does a good job lighting up the road. I use it when descending as a high beam.

  • What mount do you use to have securely setup under your Wahoo?

  • I have a very high quality 3D printed one from Skunkworks Bikes in Oz. It attaches to the bottom of my K-edge mount­

  • I've seen similar with GoPro attachments but are you not afraid it might drop if you hit a pothole or something like that?

  • It is a very tight fit and a high quality print. Better grip on it than the decent stock exposure mount. As a comparison I sometimes run the stock mount and light inverted on other bikes and it hasn't fallen off either.

    ~20,000km over the past couple years with the skunkworks and it hasn't come out once.

    On the sirus light, I did do a 600km audax with it as my only light in 2019 without issue. Plenty visible.

  • do they have a product catalog of any sort? i am keen to have a flare mount that isn't as shitty as the stock ones. can't seem to source any of exposure's newer mounts in the US. QBP doesn't even have them in their catalog despite being listed as the US distributor

  • Best bet is to send them a message on Instagram.

    I think it’s a one man workshop.


    This mount uses the original Exposure band to secure it under a garmin/wahoo mount. So you clip the light in and then add the band as extra security.

  • Thanks, it says "helmet compatible lights", do you think this would take a Sirius? My Tracer and Sirius are a different diameter I think.

    Also, for those that have had batteries replaced on their lights how much did it cost? I have a Strada in perfect condition aside from battery which I could be interested in getting swapped.

  • It would be best to email Raceware and check. Did a quick google, the Sirius and Diablo (listed as being compatiable with the mount) are simialr looking diameters.

  • Current light setup.

    4 cateye and 2 lezyne, definitely slightly over kill in most situations but after moving more rural and doing a few night cycles it's nice to know I can go for an evening cycle even if its late.

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  • I'm looking for an approved light that has a circular face, possibly retro style (although trying to be equal in style and substance) - any suggestions?

    Likely to be looking for two separate lights, one to be seen and one to use at night to see on pothole suburban roads. Would like a silver finish over black too

  • Anyone know of any good stem lights or mount like the image below?

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