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  • Yep, only admirable from a distance, retina burning up close.

    Moon comet-x pro is a decent light if you want something less intense, I’ll be running both commuting this winter, moon on low constant and traceR on pulsey flash.

  • Need to adjust angle but just got a go pro adapter and K edge combo mount for the wahoo/lezybe. Very tidy. Interferes slightly with the bar bag but it’ll be ok. The mount, while expensive, is MiUSA and is proper nice.

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  • Lezyne alert drive is an interesting idea. Changes pattern or whatever when it senses you’re slowing down. Blindingly bright.

  • thanks - I'll be using it as a daytime running light and for my club's winter training rides. think I'll pair it with my bontrager ion flare for the club rides and only use the exposure when I'm riding to and from the bunch

  • If you flip the light bracket the other way around on exposure rear lights, it then magically points the obnoxious flashing at the rear wheel (or does with my ancient mount). Then if you do the hold the button down for 3 seconds it goes into "PRESERVE BATTERY LIFE" mode and then glows.

    Whether your riding partners listen to you, or tell you "it means you should get on the front a bit fucking more" depends on who you ride with.

  • Quick question:

    Is there such a thing as an LED rear light that can be screwed permanently to a rear rack?
    Either USB rechargeable or using CR2032 batteries.... and preferably using holes that are 50mm apart, like the SON dynamo ones.

    Lezyne Femtos (I think) used have little clips on the back of their rear lights which were pretty handy for bodging this kind of thing.


  • Not quite what you want re battery but this is the first thing that jumps to mind. Sure there are others out there!­mpton-battery-rear-light/

    Or always trust the Germans:­ch-muller-d-toplight-permanent-battery-l­ed-light-50-80-mm-vario-fitting/

  • @C4r1s - Cheers : )

    Yeah, both are the wrong kind of battery... seems that's the thing that might have to give, which is a shame because I have a fairy big pile of little batteries in my spares box!

    Something like the B&M but USB rechargeable would be ideal.

    Any other suggestions?

  • Friad not. But do remember that there were usb chargeable AA batteries around. Quick google shows these on Amazon, no idea if they are any good but something similar might be a possible option?­geable-Battery-Pack/dp/B019IN7T80

    Can imagine most of the rack mounted lights will be AA or AAA powered for convenience, and as sizenisnt as critical if it’s rack mounted vs helmet/seatpost mounted.

  • Ow wow, I had no idea that was a thing.
    Thanks : )

  • Need a rack mounted rear light for Mrs M_V's bike.

    Am I likely to find much worth having for less than this £17.50 brommy light?

    NM, found an Axa light a couple quid cheaper and got that.

  • is that a peloton ?

  • The battery on my cateye front light has just about had it, thinking of either replacing the battery, or getting a Diablo Mk 13.
    Exposure seem to have a solid reputation around here, I'd just be worried about mounting it underneath a cycling computer, where gravity would be working against the light bracket. Also can anyone comment on whether the TAP feature would be affected by jolts/bumps in the road if they've attached it to the handlebars? Appreciate the light's designed as a helmet light, so maybe not best placed to be on the handlebars.

  • If concerned about gravity raceware do mounts that have extra security, like this one..­ure-gopro-mount-with-security-tabs/

  • thank fuck!

    neat setup btw, I do the same just with Exposure Diablo; I have a couple of K edge ones but most are aliexpress.

  • This works with Diablo btw:

  • Ah perfect, that's good to know. Cheers

  • Had no idea they existed. If I ever have a second bike I’ll grab one 😅

  • Can you link me to wahoo orientated plate as my out fronts both adapter are garmin orientation.

  • On the subject, is there a cheaper way to combine a mount for my Moon Meteor Storm and Wahoo Elemnt than this? for £40

  • Yes, get this gopro adapter and aliexpress wahoo + go pro mount.

  • Have been messing around with Exposure lights - a mix of AliX and other mounts. Might be of use to someone..

    K-Edge out front, AliX gopro mount, 2x longer countersunk bolts and nuts, Exposure GoPro mount

    AliX spesh saddle GoPro mount & Raceware direct mount with security tab

  • for the rear why not this?

  • Had one, was quite annoying to get the light in/out and eventually broke. Can point this one down a little for group rides too.

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