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  • Thank you Mr Marx, bought one. I'm sure it it will take a few weeks to arrive, but looks very good at that reduced price.

    If anyone wants a smartbike voucher code (one time), please PM me. Preference giving to MrMarx...

  • anyone have a exposure tracer rear for sells / borrows?

  • Good to hear - I would be interested to hear how you've got on with it. I actually got a new Moon light from Father Christmas, lucky for me. But it would be cool to hear a more long-term review of that one all the same

  • My moon shield rear light fell off this morning (clip snapped) after 7 years of good service. I liked it a lot and am tempted to just buy another, but before I take the dinosaur route, should I consider a newer offering?

    TraceR daybright, or a moon comet pro seem to be popular. I'm not sure about the latters battery life however. My main requirements are, be seen in the city at night, ease to swap between bikes, battery life in its "normal" mode to last 8 hours+ (I'd like to stick to charging once a week if I can).

  • The bottom of my Cateye Volt 800 has worn worn down so it will no longer click into the bracket.

    Anyone know where I could get a replacement baseplate?

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  • Emailing Cateye is probably a good place to start.

  • The tracer is a superior light with superior brightness and battery life, but you pay for it.

    Have compared both side by side, tempted to replace my moon with a tracer.

  • Yup, emailed them and got onto my LBS's distributor too. Just checking if there was anywhere else I should be checking.

  • SJS are well known for having a great selection of fiddly parts, but this might be pushing it a bit.

    I’ve had the mount break on my excellent Moon Meteor Storm light so it currently looks like this:

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  • Cateye are done by zyro so they are your best bet.
    Personally i really rate the tracers to be noticed with but not to see.

  • don't blame it on the sunshine...just blame it on the boogie

  • Yes, Zyro are the ones I got onto. Just found one on eBay there, will be a tenner with postage which is annoying but at least it's a fix.

  • You'd barely notice

  • I have TraceR on the rear. Front ones good? I have a whole section of my commute without street lights which is why I went with the Cateye.

  • Good luck getting that tiny allen bolt out. I fucked mine immediately and now it is stuck for all eternity. (Or until I can be bothered to cut a slot in it)

  • Shite. I was looking at it thinking it looked fiddly alright.

  • I think that’s a great summary of the Tracers, lights to be seen with, not to illuminate your way.

  • Do Moon definitely not sell a replacement? I've replaced the elastic mount for my Moon Mask before. (It broke again pretty quickly though, not a particularly well made product.)

  • The issue is that the little bit of plastic that has chipped off (which clicks the light in to the clamp) is attached to the body of the light. I think the best option to fix it would be to glue gun or sugru the light to the clamp and then remove everything to charge, which won’t be much more inconvenient than the usual method. However, I’ve also used this as an opportunity to justify buying an Exposure strada on the cycle2work scheme.

  • Ah, I see! I guess you could always bodge it and keep the moon in your bag as an emergency backup or something.

  • That's the plan. It's a great light and there's nothing really wrong with it so will be a backup.

  • Oof. Nice, but pricey. How is it?

  • Zyro got on and have already sent the part, impressive!

  • Well according to my wife it was dropped over our 8ft back gate when she got back this afternoon, so I’ll have to check it over. Cheers DHL!

    Re price: It was £60 off at Tredz and then another £77 saved with the cycle to work scheme so a little over half retail price. Plus it c2w spreads the cost over the year which is good as I couldn’t otherwise afford it. May have to consider this option for components/groupsets in the future.

  • Nice one. Well done Zyro/Cateye for offering replaceable parts. Big fan of that.

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