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  • Magnet also helps with awkward location of powered USB ports on tower PCs

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  • ^

    ..if that works surely one could put a small round magnet on the inside of a rucksack's (or jacket's) fabric, and attach the light to the outside, right?

  • You know i am liking see sense icon 2 rn, the go pro mount is nifty

  • Shirely you need three, set up a traffic light system of "yes you can talk to me now".

  • Nah it wouldn’t hold tina, not strong enough. I got these, they’re decent and can be found cheap, but as TM says, the magnet connects then you have to twist to fix it. Magnet alone would fall off in no time I reckon if there was fabric in between.

  • (I prefer the moon ring as a rear light though, really good, though battery life relatively short).

  • So what you're saying is I need a stronger magnet.

  • I'm pretty sure you could get it to hold using some of the rare earth magnets. I made my own qr light mount by sugruing some of these to my bike and a light. The sugru gave up before the magnets did.

  • I prefer comet x pro over ring, and I like the under saddle mount you can get for those. But for the ease of fitting/removing the Orion is great.

    Thought the addition of the reflector was an improvement over the ring.

  • Used the Orions at work for the last couple of hours of my shift today. The mount works brilliantly for quickly dettaching and attaching the lights. Thanks for the recommendation @TM!

  • How is the Orions battery life in the cold? I have an Moon Meteor which is a great little light except for the fact that the battery life can be rinsed if it's left out in the cold.

  • Any lithium ion battery will suffer the same.

  • Thanks again for all the feedback, ended up ordering the moon lights from the UK actually and do really like them.
    The front one is so super bright, amazing for such a little thing and also for the price (still 40% off at rutlands by the way, thanks for whoever pointed that out, should've bought two really).

  • Did your bag magnet work?

  • So far I only tried it with a rather weak one (like you use on presentation whiteboards),
    this did not inspire confidence through fabric thicker than a t-shirt.
    Will report back when I tried it with a stroger one.

  • I bought an Exposure Trace front light and use it mounted on my helmet as a “be seen” light.

    During the day I use the day bright mode. Then in the evenings I use a light with a solid beam on my handle bars and the pulse setting on the Trace (on my helmet).

    It seems like I am more visible to car drivers. I’m wondering if the light on my helmet has “humanised” me more to car drivers. I really recommend the light.

  • My own experience with a helmet lamp was it made you really difficult to ignore as when you're making eye contact there's also a bright light shining at them.

    I gave up on it though due to concerns over what happens if you're in a crash. My feeling was that a lump of metal and plastic attached to my helmet may well be a bad thing. No idea if there's been any proper research on it though

  • I may have gone a little too far with this.­newp12

    Torches Direct are a UK stockist (and have been quite lovely)

  • this is SO you!

  • What's the best light for night riding that produces a really bright, focussed beam about 8-12m in front of the bike but doesn't spread the beam too wide? Probably 1200 lumen minimum. I'm struggling to see the road against oncoming car headlamps on my commute, hit a pothole the other day which knocked my water bottle out of its cage.

  • I have a cateye volt 1200 for sale. Very bright, done many night time canal tow path rides with it, almost like riding in a little bubble of daylight.

  • Thanks. The light I have is excellent for towpath stuff, quiet country lanes etc. it's just against the traffic on the various A-roads I commute on, I feel I could use something which focusses the beam onto the road better.

  • Check they have a comparison tool in their light reviews.

  • Ta, will take a look.

  • Anyone tried this?­elite-ii-pro

    Looking for a 'be seen' rear light that has decent waterproofing (my last Moon light died from rain) for my commute, under £30 or so...

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