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  • Had a rear moon mk2 from Ribble, DOA


  • Anyone spied one of these anywhere? "CatEye Centre Fork Mount Bracket". Out of Stock in every online place I look, and have never seen on in a shop.

  • Due to a typo, I initially found a forum for serious Fleshlight enthusiasts, and it turns out their highest-end models are ALSO capable of setting trees on fire. They're impossible to use without severe burns, but some of them swear it's worth it.

  • I think l found the same website. It's basically the same as but about torches.

    I asked about converting a big maglight to led, was told it wasn't that simple and asked a load of questions about what type of illumination I was looking for. Then told I should definitely be spending x3 as much on some custom one rather than the mediocre one I was looking at that had poor colour clarity. As well as discussing battery modifications.

    My other Q was about a light travel torch and again was told I should "invest" in something x5 the cost.

  • Just had this come through on the old emails, no idea if it's any good but seems reasonable enough.­s/rsp-asteri-3-2-x-3w-front-headlight-se­t-li-ion

  • Anyone seen this? Looks interesting.

    100 lumen LED rear light on Kickstarter

  • The arms race for lumens is bad enough with front lights, is 100 lumens for the rear going to be too bright? Hope District is 105 and I've heard comments that it's too bright.

    Besides, it's a cycling kickstarter so I'm pretty much against it on principle.

  • I would have thought so, although they claim the disruption of the 100 lumens through the 24 LEDs means it's not blinding. You'd have to see it IRL to actually know though.

    "Crucially, the number of LEDs spreads the light and ensures that those behind are not dazzled."

    I like the auto mode feature, it's a nice touch.

  • Anecdotal* but my experience with a high lumen rear light and a low one has been different. Drivers pass with slight more caution with brighter rear light.

    So in a very American/NRA way I am arming myself with Moon LX70, Shield and Exposure Tracer this winter.

    • - Kent countryside and South/SE London
  • IMO anything over 50 for a rear light is too much. I'm sick of being blinded by peoples strobing rears. Probably the least offensive, yet bright I've seen are the moon comets, unless you set it to disco mode. Still yet to find a rear light that you can set to a 25 lumen constant, with a brighter pulse every second or two.

  • I've had two experiences riding behind someone using the hope rear
    When angled down enough it does this, which is fine and super noticable...

    When pointed straight back it's more like...

  • Much of my commute is on unlit A and B roads with a particularly dodgy 3 mile section of dead straight Roman road. Consequently I need front lights to actually see where I am going and rear lights with enough clout to show up at range. I use a Lezyne mega Drive up front, now 2 years old and going strong, and a combination of Knog Blinder R and Exposure Flare R at the rear. I find that the brighter the rear lights get, the wider the cars pass.

  • They're instinctively shrinking away from the light.
    Sounds fine for less urban use but in a line of 20 bikes commuting through london there's always 3 or 4 people with nuclear reactions going off and it's pretty distracting and annoying.

  • Flashing rear lights are a stupid idea on all counts.

  • Yep. Fucking hate flashing rear's. But that's a different conversation entirely... Emily Brooke's voice is so annoying. Front Blaze lights suck. Rear flashing lights suck. Smart Lunar R2 all day every day - cheap, cheerful, good light settings and bright, but not overly bright.

    And did she actually just describe the light as retina searing? That doesn't sound very good...

  • I find this is a decent compromise­/TL-LD1100/

    One row can be set to constant and one to flashing. It's a bit bulky and ugly though.

  • Anyone sucessfully replaced Moon Comet batteries? Mine have done at least 2 maybe 3 winters now and rear has finally died, front has a very short battery life (45mins) on low. Price has flown up since they came out too :s

  • I need to get something for a town bike, doesnt have any seatpost showing and the seat is some massive leather thing.

    Whats the best option for something that would attach to the seatstays?

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  • I'd have thought you could loop something across (jubilee clip maybe) so you can attach a light between the stays.

    Or a fibre flare or two on the stays, or a PDW Fenderbot which attaches to the mudguard­derbot

  • unlit A and B roads...rear lights with enough clout

    The darker it is, the less clout your rear light needs. Being seen from 10 miles away is pointless, you just need the driver to see you in time to take whatever action is needed to avoid mowing you down, which is about 300 yards at most.

  • Anyone seen this? Looks interesting like a high-risk low-quality tribute to the Moon Crescent


  • Cateye BS5 Clamp 15.5-16.5mm

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  • Bought these in Halford (I know!) for a fiver including batteries. Will attach to the down tube and still be be visible .I also use monkey light on my spokes so no excuse for being seen!

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