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  • OK, so I got the light you guys forced me into buying.

    First impressions; could the packaging be any more geeky?
    Black with red details is the international colour code for "sexually frustrated male" and the target market for soft casing with embossed logos are 40 year olds who wear cargo pants.

  • Actually, could someone please meme one of my above images? I am thinking the caption should be something along the lines of 'this casing protects my virginity'.
    Would be greatly appreciated.

  • Black with red details is the international colour code for "sexually frustrated male"


    *Buys new wardrobe*

  • Hey guys, my Electron Milli lights set kind of decided to give up. I would like something similar but with a stronger rubber because the one of the milli is almost snapped, hence why I need a replacement.

    What do you recommend?


  • Are you a sexually frustrated male reaching middle age and wearing cargo pants? If so exposure.

    Talking of exposure, my trace battery seems to be dying when left unused for what I don't think is that long a time (I've noticed and charged it twice in the last couple of months, without using it for more than 5 mins in all that time), battery death or short?

  • Wait, I'm sexually frustrated and wear cargo pants but only 27, does this mean I'm going to die young(ish/er)?

  • @Khornight2 I might tick the boxes... which exposures though? They are mainly for city commute. Will either the Trace or the Flare do?

  • I'm very happy with my trace + tracer combo. Can't really speak for their other lights though.

  • Battery life is what killed the trace and tracer for me. Not a fan of flash so always had them on low constant - they'd be indicating amber after two commutes and would die half way through the fourth. Also didn't like the elastic protective band that covers the USB port - was fiddly and felt like it wouldn't last. I now have the Blaze, which is pricey for a rear light but lasts around two weeks on low.

  • @iltmimi I like the blaze... if only there was a front light to pair it with I would be even happier :)

  • True - they've missed a trick by not doing a matching front. I have the Equinox and keep it on low - not so bright as to be anti-social in town but powerful enough for RP, and has a snap-on mount.

  • As the glow function is probably it's main selling point, not wanting flash does make it a bit pointless.

    Why don't you like flash?

  • @Khornight2 I was more oriented to the Flare because of the possibility of using normal batteries in emergency but they look rather ugly compared the Trace, especially the rear one. I also had a look to the cateye rapid x2 but they seem to be unavailable in UK, well the front one at least...

  • Personal preference, no practical reason.

  • I have a backup tracer and am about to purchase either a backup trace or a joystick and relegate my trace to back up duties.

    @iltmimi, I make my light choices for practical reasons.

    Flashing lights attract the attention, but are difficult to judge speed and distance (try playing catch with a flashing light in the dark), constant light is easier to ignore, but also easier to judge.

    The flare pulse is the best of both worlds, getting attention and being constantly on.

    The fact the battery lasts longer that way is a plus.

    Constantly on is really only a good idea if you need the light to see by.

  • For the price and size of lights nowadays I'd personally just go with a couple either end. One flashing, one constant wins both ways. Fibre flares are good to attach to random bits of bike but I wouldn't rely on just one of those.

    You do look a bit of a cock though and I do have a few twenty quid lights that I rarely take off my bike and hope they don't get nicked (haven't yet). Decent rear is attached to the saddlebag which I take the whole thing with me and decent front comes off in dubious places.

  • Is the cree u2 still a good choice for the Dunwich Dynamo? How long does the battery pack last?

  • The Cree XM-L U2 is just an LED. Which product?

  • After providing about 2.5 years of service, my moon comet and meteor have had it. The battery on the meteor will barely last 1.5 hours on the lowest constant beam setting, and the comet likewise. So what are my options? Do I just buy another meteor and comet set? I'm quite happy with them, and I'll have spare brackets too. Or do I go for a comet rear and a set of AyUp's road fronts?

    Anyone using Ayups and can comment on handlebar/battery placement?

  • Anyone on here recommend a light for night road riding? Rides include country descents with no street lights.

    Been looking at the Hope R1, or the Hope R4. The replaceable and rechargeable battery is appealing on those ones.

    What's the hive mind's opinion on these?

  • I have the hope r4 and its the mutts nuts. Some people have problems with their cable being a bit flimsy but customer care is first rate and its so good i bought a second for the girlfriend.

  • I can't comment on the Hope lights but my Exposure Strada has been the best light I've ever brought superb quality, worth every penny. I use it for road night riding out in the sticks.

  • Nice, thanks @pacef8 @Cranky

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