Ride of the Falling Leaves

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  • The start of the Mosquito Bikes - Ride of the Falling Leaves will be from Herne Hill Velodrome. This is in Burbage Road, London, SE24

    You can come and sign in and start your ride any time between 8:30am and 10am.

    There will be a choice of two routes: the short route is 80km; the long route is 110km.

    Entry £15 thru http://dulwichparagon.com

    See you there?

  • I'm in. It's a great event with a very good course.

  • I may roll along and do it on the day.......geared though me thinks!

  • signed up!

  • Done!

  • would love to, but BFF Polo Tournament that day.

  • Cool stuff. Will sign up. Quite similar to what we did on Saturday - pretty hilly...

  • I'm up for this tomorrow, haven't decided on the long or short route yet I'll decide that at Westerham.

  • Might cross paths - I'm doing jonny & clintsmoker's 5 hills thing.

  • best of luck. the weathers gonna be dirty!

  • I'm still doing it - need the miles for a gran fondo in Italy in a fortnight.

  • just got home from the pub. meeting a couple of grupettos about 8. yikes :S

    looking to start asap. rain or shine. doing the long route of course. fck all prep. after tonite's big drink, headache guaranteed tomorrow morning. and im sure baby will keep me up all night. tomorrow should be interesting. what time you guys planning on starting off?

  • Argh sooo not feeling like doing it! Think will go around 8...

  • Like Illy said, "Ride of the falling rain and blowing leaves" :( :(

  • I though you were the big CX racer now Roberto?!

  • yeh. CX. cant be anymore hard core than that rob! do it!

  • Yes, in the "lazy riders" category :(

  • CX. Is cyclo-x not abbreviated enough for you wankers?

    I've sicked up in my mouth a bit.

  • CX. Is cyclo-x not abbreviated enough for you wankers?

    I've sicked up in my mouth a bit.

    I thought it might rattle someone's cage...

    you FXE rider..

  • hey don't call me a cyclo tourist!

  • Gutted not to be doing this. Altho the weather looks filthy tomorrow...

    Not gonna make Catford Hillclimb either - so some time next year, yeah?

  • Just got in this evening. It's minging down in sunny Kent, leaves everywhere, big puddles aplenty. Obvious warning, ride safe everyone.

  • How did everyone (anyone) get on? I was there early and got away before my resolve was tested. It wasn't too bad early on but as the ride progressed the rain got heavier and the puddles larger. Some of those descents were very sketchy so I hope everyone got round okay.

    Saw lots and lots of people with punctures but I must be in credit with the puncture fairy.

  • Just home and showered. Pretty miserable ride. Was regretting ever having done it half way around. I saw lots of punctures (~30?), but was fortunate enough not to get any. Downhills were sketchy, and my brakes didn't work very well. At the 25% downhill this guy was screaming "It's 25%" at the top of his voice for some reason. There was this weird farm track which was pretty slippy and slidey and like Paris-Roubaix; I've no idea why that was on the route. Saw a few people doing it fixed, which is pretty nuts and impressive.

    Weather picked up a bit after half way so I enjoyed it more. Beer and meal in the clubhouse afterwards was nice. Now have to spend the rest of the afternoon cleaning my bike.

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Ride of the Falling Leaves

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