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  • ha. It’s certainly a curiosity. Actually haven’t tried it, coccyx pain stopped when I moved riding the position.

  • Anyone got a Selle Italia modern Flite of any style, with or without cutout, to lend for a test, or a Fabric Line, shallow or flat ideally narrow?

    I am still in a discomfort saddle sore wilderness, would love to try one of those.

    For others, I have a couple of Pro Logos, a Fizik Antares, and a Brooks Cambium C17 I could lend out if of interest...

  • Decided it's time I looked at changing up my saddle(s).

    I have the following;

    • Brooks C13, 132mm in VGC
    • Brooks Swift Ti again in VGC with hardly any adjustment used.

    Ideally I'd like to swap the C13 for a wider one (145/158) but open happy to consider something else with carbon rails.

    The Swift I've had on the shelf for ages, keep thinking I'll put it back on but haven't so could be open to swaps/offers on that.

    Located in Shropshire so will have to be posted.

  • Thought I'd see if this thread works... I'm determined to sort out my saddle life once and for all.

    I'd be interested in trying out anything narrow, with a cut-out or channel that doesn't extend all the way to the nose (ie, with a padded nose).... for example Flite cut-out / Fabric Scoop / San Marco Aspide / Specialized Romin Mimic / Pro Turnix / Bont Arvada / etc etc.

    I have an old Flite (the original design) and an Antares Open to offer. I think a Rolls somewhere as well.

    Based in London.

  • I've got a load of saddles that haven't worked out for me - all these pictured here (except second right), plus a Bontrager Aeolus Comp (I think it's called), a Spesh Pro Arc and possibly even more. Would be interested in your original Flite if it's very good condition and ti rails, and black?

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  • Cheers @theflatboy
    Might be interested in borrowing a couple of them... will send pm in the morning. I'm not looking to sell my Flite atm, just thought it would be good to add it to the library (it's very scruffy anyway so prob not what you're after!)

  • Ok, that's fine - I'd slightly forgotten the point of this thread! I should probably sell them but you could probably have a borrow to see how you get on in the meantime :)

  • I've got a Spesh Romin Evo I can post out if you want to try

  • I have a Bontrager Montrose Elite (Ti rails) that I’m not completely sold on and wouldn’t mind a trial swap with something middling profile (I.e. not massively rounded nor totally flat) in low 140s width. Let me know if interested.

  • does anyone have any of the following I could borrow/buy cheap beaters of?

    Fizik Gobi
    San Marco Regal Evo
    Bontrager Serano RL

    Cheers in advance!

  • This came on a bike I've just received. An Iscaselle Giro D'Italia. I must admit, I'm not a fan so might sell it on. I'm sure it's tge Ti rail version as the rails aren't magnetic.

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  • A lot of stainless steel is not magnetic.

  • Old post but have you still got that c17?

  • Yep I do as it happens, it's been on my Pompetamine ever since... could potentially do a lend so you can see what you think - would need something on there as an alternative in the meantime though! I'm in N8, DM me and we can probably arrange something

  • Don't suppose anyone has an infinity saddle I could possible buy/loan from them?

  • would you still have the Bontrager Aeolus maybe? i've seen this around and seems comfy?

  • Hi no sold, sorry (I didn't find it comfy!)

  • Anyone have a firm SMP I could try/buy?

  • Any idea which one you’d like to try? I’ve got a drakon if you’d be interested

  • Great, PM incoming

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Saddle Library

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